Daylight Savings

How To Survive the End Of Daylight Savings

Posted on 19 / 10 / 2017 by Sleep Lover

With the end of Daylight Savings fast approaching on the 29th October 2017, many of us will no doubt be looking forward to the possibility of an extra hour in bed. But how can we enjoy this simple little pleasure without messing up our regular sleep pattern?

With the help of our sleep experts, we’ve put together some useful tips to ensure you enjoy a happy, rested Easter weekend.

If you are a parent though, we know that you’ll also need to think about your children’s schedule, but we’ve already thought of that and you can read our tips here.

How To…

1, Try to maintain a regular sleep/wake time over the weekend – no matter what time you managed to fall asleep the night before. You can still enjoy a lie-in – just ensure its within a two hour window of your usual routine.

2, Avoid naps throughout the day as this can disrupt your regular sleep schedule. If you must get some shut-eye, make it no longer than 20-30 minutes to avoid falling into a deep sleep.

3, Relax for at least 30 mins before switching out the light for a more restful sleep. Minimise the technology and instead opt for some reading, yoga, meditation or a chat with your partner.

4, Try and expose yourself to light as soon as possible after waking, as this will help suppress your brain’s production of melatonin – the chemical that makes us feel sleepy.

At the same time, getting out into the fresh air shortly after waking is also a great way to start your day and brush off those cobwebs.

5, If you’re usually easily affected by the seasonal changes of the clocks (i.e. it disrupts your sleeping pattern) then try moving your bedtime backwards by ten minutes each night during the few days before.

6, Ensure your bed is as comfortable as it can be before the weekend! This particularly applies to your pillow and your mattress, the two pillars on which your body rests. If you’ve been waking up with a sore or aching neck lately, now might be the time to invest in a new pillow. Meanwhile, our range of mattress toppers and enhancers can help make your existing mattress feel like new.

7, As tempting as it may be, avoid eating chocolate too late in the evening! Chocolate contains mild amounts of caffeine, which when combined with the sugar content, can lead to a restless night.

So there it is, super simple and subtly effective. We’ve also pulled together a guide to choosing the right tog for the Autumn change over so that you’re extra cosy!

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