How to make a duvet den step 3

Step-By-Step Guide To Building A Great Duvet Den

Posted on 07 / 07 / 2014 by Sleep Lover

Following a new poll that revealed den making as one of UK parents’ top activities enjoyed during their school holidays, we have put together a how-to guide for creating 2014’s ultimate duvet den – indoors or out.

Life coach for children Naomi Richards, and author of “The Parent’s Toolkit”, has given this activity her ‘thumbs up’ explaining “Technology plays such a big role in children’s lives these days that it has become more important to encourage children to build on their core skills such as communication, listening and team building. An activity such as building a den encourages a child and parent to do this by working together. It also provides a parent and child with the opportunity to chat and bond and it costs nothing.”

Duvet Den Fun

You will need:  

  • Large, light synthetic duvet – size shown here is super king
  • Blankets or rugs for the floor
  • Pillows / sofa cushions/ sleeping bags
  • Clothes pegs
  • Bunting and pom pom strings
  • “Keep out” sign or similar
  • String
  • Den activities such as torch, books, games and snacks


Duvet den buiding step one

Stage One

Lay a blanket or sheet on the floor and position four chairs opposite each other – close enough together for the duvet to drape over the chairs and over the seat cushions ideally.


Build a duvet den step 2

Stage Two 

Gather pillows and cushions to fill the den and provide comfy cushioning – ideally around the corners and along the back wall.


How to make a duvet den step 3

Stage Three 

Weave string in-between the top of the chairs to form a support for the roof and attach bunting to it with pegs or strings of pom poms look great too.


Duvet Den Step 4


Stage Four  

Lift the duvet over the top of the chairs.

The duvet should hang over the two front chairs by a couple of inches. You can fill in the spaces with white sheets to ensure the roof and sides reach the floor and it’s dark enough to offer privacy.


Duvet Dens Step 5

Stage Five  

Decorate the den with items like bunting, tea sets, cuddly toys, and books.

The Fine Bedding Company’s dens shown demonstrate how dens can be created for both girls and boys.


Duvet Dens Step 6


Stage Six  

Give children time and space to ‘make the den their own’, always supervise from afar and please don’t leave children unattended with their dens.

You’ll be amazed how creative and imaginative they can be in the den. Why not get them, to design ‘keep out!’ signs or name for the den.

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