Stay Warm The Big Chill Is On The Way

Posted on 14 / 11 / 2016 by Sleep Lover

After an unseasonably warm October, it’s finally time for cosy nights in, and for households to put change their duvet to a warmer winter duvet.

The Met Office has released a three-month weather outlook for the UK, from November 2016 – January 2017, and according to the report and the outlook from many UK windows there’s already a particularly cold start to the chilly season.

The explanation? It’s partly down to La Niña, a climate pattern which ‘has a tendency to reduce the strength of the westerly winds which normally bring mild air to the UK in early winter’.

It’s also to related to the behaviour of the polar vortex – a cold polar air mass that circles the Arctic. The Met Office explains that although this wind system is set to weaken in coming weeks, it makes way for colder air to move in.

When creating a cosy home and snuggling up for winter, a warm and cuddly duvet is a household essential.

The Fine Bedding Company has ITS WARMEST DUVETS EVER with natural fill or synthetic fill options.


The Fine Bedding Company’s Boutique Silk duvet with Smartfil® is actually as warm, soft and light as down thanks to its micro fine fibres and unique manufacturing process, which improves its overall thermal performance.

Less fibres are required to create the same level of warmth and volume as a standard hollowfibre duvet. Smartfil® also stays light and fluffy even after repeated washing.

Boutique Silk duvets are available in 10.5, 13.5 and Four Season variations, from single to super king. Boutique Silk pillows are also available to create a full boutique hotel experience.


Goose Down DuvetThe Fine Bedding Company’s Goose Down duvet contains the highest percentage of premium down with the range – the soft clusters found on a breast of a goose or duck that contain no quill – which is the lightest of all natural fillings with natural air-flow properties, making it thermally efficient.

Goose Down duvets are available in 4.5, 13.5 and Four Season variations, from single to super king.

Here’s some more tips from the Met Office to help you get ready for Winter.

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