A good night’s sleep: is it all in the mind, or where you live?

Posted on 09 / 09 / 2015 by Sleep Lover

It’s #Sleeptember – a timely reminder of the benefits that come from getting a decent night’s kip. Not only can make you more productive; it can also make you healthier and, experts now say, smarter. But we reckon there’s still a gender divide when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep…or rather, what feels like a good night’s sleep.

Waking up early


Our latest survey found that more men claim to be satisfied with the amount of sleep they get (47%, versus 38% of women).

Men are also less disturbed at night by their partner and children (42% vs 56%), and are generally less anxious. But the actual number of hours slept is almost the same for each, with most women claiming to sleep an average 6.41 hours a night compared to men’s 6.11 hours.

When asked what disturbs their sleep the most, women claimed going to the toilet (59% versus 47% for men); their partner (35% versus 26%) and body temperature (37% versus 21%) were all common sleep stealers. Only 5% said nothing woke them at night.

Women also place much more importance on sleep, with 89% saying it’s at the top of their ‘happiness’ list (compared to 75% of men) – even above food and holidays. In fact, 92% of women claimed that they LOVED sleep.

And where people live in the UK also seems to make a difference.

  • Yorkshire LOVE sleep more than any other region (94%)
  • East Midlanders are the most satisfied with the amount of sleep they get (53%), whereas Northern Ireland are the least, with just 18% saying the felt they got enough.
  • Those in Northern Ireland are struggling to get a good night’s kip with partners (40%), noise (36%) and the wrong bedding (18%) all being blamed.
  • Scotland has the most peaceful and the longest night’s sleep, with nearly half getting the recommended 7 to 8 hours per night and the highest number claiming nothing woke them up.
  • North East are worriers, with over 1/3 saying anxiety often disrupted their sleep.
  • London and the South East are getting by on the least sleep with a massive 50% clocking up less than 6 hours a night.

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