Sleeping in make-up – is it still a sin?

Posted on 11 / 11 / 2015 by Sleep Lover

A third of us still do it, but new survey finds girls of the North are the most saintly!

Sleeping in Makeup

Stumbling in from a night out, or falling asleep on the sofa can mean we bypass the sink and fall into bed. But the ultimate skin sin is perhaps one of those quiet taboos that women will rarely confess to – do you ever sleep in your make-up?

It’s well documented that sleeping in make-up carries a whole host of skin hazards. From attracting ageing free radicals, to providing a breeding ground for bacteria. Pores become clogged and the natural repair process that occurs during sleep are halted. Not to mention making a mess of beautiful bedding!

Our survey revealed that our nation’s beauty fans are generally very good when it comes to cleansing before bedtime.

When asked the question ‘Do you go to sleep with your make-up on?’ the average answer admitting they did came in at 38% – in other words just over 1/3 of women go to bed without washing their face.

However, dig a little deeper and the research reveals before-bed behaviour can depend on where you live in the UK.

Scottish girls are the most careful when it comes to beauty sleep – 68% said they NEVER sleep in make-up, with those in Glasgow being particularly conscientious at 75%; a whole 13% better than the national average.

A massive 60% of females who live in Birmingham confess to sleeping in their make-up regularly – could this be due to all the partying that goes on there? Whereas Liverpool lasses clearly love to look after their skin, 77% responding to the question with a resounding ‘Never’.

The survey also found age was a factor.

Just over half of 18-24 year olds admitted to sleeping in make-up, which is perhaps to be expected. But more surprising are the findings that this figure leaps up to 64% in the 25-34 age bracket. Perhaps a move away from the parental nest or a more carefree attitude to life are the key factors here.

Skin ageing and care obviously becomes more of a priority as the average over 35 response halved to only 30% which is below the national average.

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