‘Sleeping Beauty’ is No Longer a Fairytale

Posted on 26 / 08 / 2015 by Sleep Lover

We all know what happens…the handsome prince wakes her with a kiss and it all ends happily ever after. And didn’t she look radiant? But if you don’t happen to be a princess, and if like a growing number of people you’re not getting the recommended 8 hours, you may need a little extra help.

Regularly losing sleep can mean your skin repair process is slowed down and premature ageing and wrinkles can take hold. Other nasties can also appear such as uneven pigmentation, puffiness and dark circles. When we enjoy quality sleep we’re quick to recover from skin stresses like sun damage and environmental toxins, as well as looking ‘bright-eyed and bushy tailed’.

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We’re excited to announce the arrival of  a limited edition ‘Sleeping Beauty’ range in partnership with British skincare experts Flint + Flint. A handpicked selection of bedding that features a luxurious duvet and a softly supportive set of pillows, each set will come with a FREE Flint + Flint beauty sleep skincare pack (worth £72), which includes a rich night repair cream and brightening eye cream.

The online-exclusive range of bedding has been chosen for its ingredients that are designed to enhance sleep, such as a light flowing drape over the body; breathability (so no overheating or shivering); supportive pillows for the head and even being machine washable (perfect for those who may commit the sin of sleeping in make-up!).

“It is possible to sleep your way to better skin,” say the team at Flint + Flint, “…along with a regular skincare regime, using our Everyday Wash, followed by the Serum and Moisturiser tailored for night time repair”.

They also recommend the timeless tip of drinking lots of water, avoiding caffeine and spicy food after 4pm, exercising in the evening and sleeping in a cool, dark room.

“Stick to it for a few weeks and the results of your better-sleep, better-skin regime can be measured just by looking in the mirror. Well-rested skin looks exactly that. It will look plumper and more hydrated, with a brighter, more even tone.”

Sleeping Beauty bundles start from £66 for a single duvet and two pillows.

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