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Posted on 10 / 11 / 2017 by Sleep Lover

With the North-West Football awards on 13th November, we wanted to share some top tips on how to get better sleep for greater fitness performance.  Whether you’re a football fanatic, want to get fit or just want to get more out of your day, our sleep tips below will help you wake maximise your sleep recovery period for enhanced performance whatever your goal.

Your sleep environment

In order to achieve deep, restful sleep a de-cluttered, dark room is recommended.  Try to tidy things away before bed and invest in some blackout curtains if your room is particularly prone to exposure to light in the evening (for example, from a streetlight outside).

Cool off

Did you know that in order to drop off your body needs to cool off?  You can do this by opening a window for an hour before you go to bed so the room is slightly cooler, or alternatively by using temperature-control bedding like our Breathe Pillow and Breath Duvet, which helps keep your body at its optimum temperature for sleep.  The climate control duvet and pillow work to wick moisture away from the body and help combat excessive body heat during the night.

Not only that, but if you love the cool side of your pillow, but fed up of having to constantly turn it over?   Then our Cool Touch Pillow is the perfect solution. This cooling pillow disperses heat and moisture, leaving it cool all night long.


Technology has come a long way and most people nowadays are not seen too far from their tablet, phone or laptop.  However, when it comes to winding down exposure to these gadgets can stimulate the brain, keeping it active which can hinder your ability to ‘switch off’ and prepare your body for sleep.  So for at least 30 minutes before hitting the hay, switch high-stimulus gadgets off and let your mind wind down gradually before bed.

Assess your mattress

A hard, lumpy, old or worn mattress can cause a host of sleep disturbances.  If your mattress fits into one of these categories but you can’t afford to buy a new one, a good solution is to invest in a luxury mattress topper.  Toppers provide an added layer of cushioning comfort to your bed and have a varying range of properties to help you get a better night’s sleep. Our Memory Foam and Microfibre Topper is temperature-sensitive and moulds to the contours of your body for total support.  Synthetic toppers add a layer of cushioning comfort that is suitable for allergy sufferers who are allergic to natural fillings. Our Spundown Mattress Enhancer and Dual Layer Topper are both home washable at 60°. Whereas our natural Duck Feather and Down Mattress Topper offers total luxury and indulgence, for both added support and softness.


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