Inject elegance with jewel tones

Sleep in Style: Designing a Picture Perfect Bedroom

Posted on 22 / 05 / 2017 by Sleep Lover

With the average person spending roughly a third of their lifetime asleep, the bedroom is no doubt one of the most frequently-used spaces within the home – making it all the more important that the interior design reflects your personality. From opting for favourite colour shades to adorning the walls with creativity artwork, putting your own stamp on a space is what will transform it into a relaxing retreat that you can’t get enough of.

Whether you want to relax in a luxurious interior or create a space that makes it that much easier to recharge after a busy day, a well designed bedroom can really make a difference to your day-to-day happiness. And with interior design thought to affect both our mood and sleep quality, a picture perfect bedroom could be the key to maximising productivity throughout the busy working day. That’s why today, we’re bringing you four top tips for creating a restful retreat in your home in 2017 – so you can enjoy your stylish home haven for years to come.

1. Reconnect with natural materials

reconnect with natural materials

With the continual development of technology and growing awareness of the importance of protecting nature, incorporating natural materials into the home is thought to be one of the biggest focuses for interior designers this year. Natural stone floor tiles for bedrooms are a long-lasting alternative option to carpet, and the versatility of this flooring choice means that it’ll be the perfect pairing with almost any other material. So whether you clad the walls with bamboo panelling or opt for a copper bed frame with luxurious down bedding, choosing a stylish tiled floor that will stand the test of time will ensure that your interior captures the opulence of this design.

2. Get creative with cork

Cork is making a comeback in interior design, and from furnishings to flooring, this eco-friendly material is rumoured to be here to stay. As a good thermal insulator, earth-toned cork will instantly add warmth to a room, and this versatile floor and walling choice will suit every style of interior design. For a unique children’s bedroom, clad an entire wall in cork to create a practical large-scale noticeboard – providing the perfect place to display your young ones’ art work.

3. Inject elegance with jewel tones

Inject elegance with jewel tones

The secret to a good night’s sleep is a room that effuses peace and tranquility – and for a rest that’s out of this world, that means choosing a serene colour scheme that’s inspired by the cosmos. With iridescence dominating 2017’s fashion trends, it’s elegant jewel and metallic tones that should be used to add sparkle to these calming interiors. Whether you cover cushions in plush amethyst fabrics or adorn the room with emerald green upholstered furniture, opting for these rich tones will ensure that your bedroom oozes luxury.

4. Add glamour with upholstered bed heads

From the comfiest king-size mattress to luxe silk duvets, you deserve only the best when it comes to designing your bedroom – which is why opulent upholstered bed heads are a must-have. A staple for classy celebrity homes and deluxe hotels alike, a grand bed head will set the tone for your glamorous interior. Whether it’s ornate cottons or lavish velvets, a buttoned fabric bedhead will be a statement furnishing that’s guaranteed to command your attention each time you enter the room.

From children’s rooms to the master suite, incorporating the latest interior design trends into your sleeping quarters will ensure that the whole family enjoy a good night’s rest every time. So whether you’re inspired by decadent royal colours or eco-friendly alternatives, make sure that you’re sleeping in style in 2017

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