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The Sleep Gadgets to Get Excited About This Year

Posted on 31 / 01 / 2016 by Sleep Lover

It seems everywhere we turn there’s a new gadget, device or app claiming to be the next big revolution in sleep. While a lot of their features may seem similar, there is a handful of these mechanisms that come with a few twists and turns, and are enough to make us sit up and take note.

We’ve rounded up our favourite sleep gadgets you can expect to see during 2016, each one with something unusual to offer. They might each cost a pretty penny, but if it brings us closer to getting that much-needed shut-eye, we’re all for it!

1.      Sense by Hello

Sense is a simple wireless device that clips to your pillow and monitors the user’s sleep patterns throughout the night, only waking you in non-REM sleep. In the morning you can review your rest and see how well you may have slept.

But unlike the majority of sleep trackers on the market today, Sense also observes your sleeping environment and makes suggestions on how this environment can be improved.  Therefore you’ll get a proper chance to really review your bedroom and make concrete changes that will benefit your sleep quality.

Get it for $129 at

2.      Nora

Many people are understandably driven crazy at night due to their partner’s snoring. But this ingenious pillow from Nora promises to put those qualms to bed…literally!

The pillow is inserted with a deskside device and a small pump that goes under the bed. When the sleeper begins to snore, the pillow subtly and silently moves up or down to adjust the position of their head and reduce the likelihood of their irregular breathing.

The device also comes with a handy app that informs the user of their snoring pattern so they can spot causes and patterns.

Get it for £200 from

 3.      aXbo Alarm Clock

For those who are curious or bewildered about just how much sleep they should be getting at night, the aXbo alarm clock can help. Using a wearable wristband, the device tracks your sleep and energy levels and figures out the most beneficial sleep pattern for you, including best sleep time, best wake time and how many hours you really need.

This smart alarm will also wake you at the most optimal point in your sleep phase, and there’s even a couples’ version available.

Get it for £168 at

4.      Verilux Serenity Sleep System

The Serenity Sleep System may seem like just another daylight-stimulating alarm clock. But is ultimate goal is actually to align your body with its natural circadian rhythms in order to promote more regular sleep and wake times in the long term. It uses softly coloured light at night to relax you, and wakes you up by, you guessed it, stimulating natural sunrise.

Get it for £79.86 from

5.      Lumawake  iPhone Sleep Clock

Powered by a small iPhone charging dock, the Lumawake sleep clock takes up a conveniently small bit of space on your bed stand. Through the night it measures breathing rates and movements as you sleep, and archives this data so you can always review it later.

However, the most exciting thing about the Lumawake is that it can be synced to other automation products, such as SmartThings and Belkin Wemo. So if you wanted to power down your lights as you fall asleep or start your coffee brewing as soon as you woke up, you could. Finally – an alarm clock that really understands mornings!

The Lumawake is currently still in the crowdfunding stages, but we hope it’ll be available on the market soon.

Of course, nothing helps you get a good night’s rest like the tried and tested methods of a warm bath, a cool room and the right bedding. You may also find that keeping technology out of your room completely aids a more peaceful night’s sleep. Try our expert tips on maintaining good sleep hygiene and preparing your room for sleep.

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