Slangry - Angry due to sleep deprivation

Tis The Season To Feel ‘Slangry’

Posted on 30 / 11 / 2017 by Sleep Lover


adj. “sl’angri

Feeling or showing strong annoyance, displeasure or hostility as a result of sleep deprivation.


What is Slangry?

We all know the feeling, you’ve have one too many late nights socialising, work is accumulating, lots of things to do like decorate the house, wrap presents, prep the house for guests, and the slightest thing is getting on your nerves. What’s more, with the Christmas party season in full swing it’s only going to happen more frequent.

Suffering from slanger is something that previously has been associated most with new parents, Mum’s in particular, where sleep deprivation is very common. But according to a survey we conducted, Christmas has a big impact on sleep among office workers and youngsters alike, and this is increasing workplace disputes and household rows. What’s more a whopping 78% of 2000 UK adults we polled* admitted that they have experienced this.

Helen Johnson, who analysed research on the effects of starving the body of sleep and mood, adds: “changes to people’s body clock affects mood and reasoning, it shortens people’s fuses and creates impatience. It’s no surprise that relationships and workplaces experience increase in tensions and disputes.

“Sleepless nights cause subjects to over-react to situations that they would normally have taken in their stride. It can lead to hyper-emotional activities and anxiety.

“The key to resetting a body clock is to do it as soon as the opportunity arises, to get into a routine and rhythm quickly. People can do this by going to bed at the same time every night and by performing the same activities before bed every night. That way a body develops a cue when it is time to fall a sleep.”

Here are some more slangry related figures we found:

  • 36% of respondents claim they are also struggling to sleep, with more than half of those questions admitting to feeling more stressed than usual in the run up to Christmas.
  • This rose significantly for women with 86% of the above being female.
  • It’s predicted that those who do loose out on sleep will loose at least 30 hours of quality sleep during December.
  • One in ten say that this could potentially increase to two and a half full days (60 hours) less sleep.
  • Half of the poll agreed that being slangry causes more rows with loved ones, while 67% said lack of sleep interferes with emotions in general and over a quarter admitted to feeling ‘rage’.
  • The epidemic also affects the workplace, with almost 60% of 100 private sector HR and line managers included in the poll seeing a rise in workplace clashes and disputes during the lead up to Christmas.
  • More than half of HR and line managers reported a general increase in staff lateness, while 12% said there was a significant drop in staff productivity the week before Christmas.

Helen added “Over a prolonged period, lack of sleep does take it’s toll, we need a good night of sleep to function well during the day, and slangry is something we’re more aware of in the bedding industry than others.”

Three quarters of respondents claim they struggle to sleep any way, but that their lack of tolerance significantly increased in December with the onset of Christmas parties, drinking more alcohol and pre-Christmas stress. We can’t help with this, but we can help you get the basics right.

How can we reduce the effects of Slangry?

Getting quality sleep in the right environment will improve what little down time you do get. Make sure you have the right duvet, whether its’ a natural or feather duvet or a new firm pillow, so that you drift of and don’t need to press snooze when your alarm goes off.

*Survey conducted by PR Boutique on behalf of The Fine Bedding Company. 2000 British adults were polled. For further information, please contact our customer services department or speak to us on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest or Instagram.

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