International Pillow Fight Day

Ready, Set, Pillow Fight!

Posted on 04 / 04 / 2014 by Sleep Lover

To celebrate International Pillow Fight Day this Saturday, 5th April 2014 we have pitched our synthetic pillows against our luxury natural pillow range. Which one do you think will pack the best punch?

Synthetic Pillows Versus Natural PillowsBest Natural and Synthetic PillowsFancy your chances with a synthetic pillow?  We recommend our medium-firm support Breathe pillow filled with breathable Smartfil® & moisture-wicking modal, or Boutique Silk pillow with advanced Smartfil® fibres & natural silk.

If your fighting pillow of choice is a natural one, we recommend the Duck Feather & Down pillow with feather and down fill or Goose Down Surround pillow with a cushioning down layer surrounding a feather core.

Will you be getting involved in your very own pillow fight? Whether you’re going to attend an organised event or you’re holding a pillow fight at home, make sure you take note of our tips for being a pillow fight champion.

  • Start with one pillow each, if you’re feeling adventurous have two for further rounds
  • If you use a natural pillow, ensure the cover is made from quality down-proof cotton. As much as you want to win, you don’t want to scratch your rival with feathers poking through the cover
  • Lighter, down-filled pillows will be easier to lift but may not pack as much punch
  • Pillows containing Smartfil® will hold their shape for longer meaning your ‘weapon’ will be more effective and wont go flat!
  • Remove glasses before you begin for safety
  • Laugh and use copious amounts of energy
  • Pillow fights can take place anywhere in the home but we recommend a bed as it offers more of a challenge
  • If in doubt – cheat!

Buy your perfect pillow ahead of the big day here on our website where you can also find your nearest The Fine Bedding Company retailer.


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