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Introducing the R90 range, designed by renowned sports sleep coach Nick Littlehales


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Better sleep, for enhanced performance.

Whilst working with Sports Sleep Coach Nick Littlehales, Trendsetter has discovered just why sleep is so important – and why elite athletes are turning to him to help maximise their sleep recovery period for improved performance.  To find out more about Nick visit www.sportsleepcoach.com.

It’s no secret that millions of Britons suffer from back and neck pains, and a large percentage of us constantly toss and turn and move around during the night to try and find a more comfortable sleeping position.  In addition to this we ‘battle’ with our natural internal clock known as our circadian rhythm, resulting in the familiar feeling of waking up still feeling tired – despite getting 6-8 hours sleep.  Add to this our hectic lifestyles and use of mobile phones and laptops in bed, and we have ourselves a sleep deprivation problem.

You have the potential to get so much more out of your sleep recovery time if you take the issue seriously – something that those within the professional sporting world or indeed anyone with a keen passion for competitive sport are more than aware of.  If you want to perform at your physical and mental best in order to achieve your goals, your sleep recovery needs to be taken seriously.


Nick’s additional tips for sleep…

So what can we do to get better quality (and that’s the key) sleep to perform better?  Well firstly, there should be a balance between performance activities (which could be anything from work to physical training) and recovery activities which include wind-down time AWAY from those activities, and actual sleep.  Most people are unaware that our sleep is actually measured in 90 minute cycles.  Ideally, we need to get x5 of these 90 minute sleep cycles per night which gives us 7.5 hours sleep. To get the most out of our sleep cycles, we need to adopt a specific pre-sleep routine.  This includes switching off laptops and other high-stimulus gadgets which can keep you in an alert ‘wake’ state and prevents the cortisol levels in your body from gradually decreasing – something that is essential for drifting off peacefully and easily.

When waking, alarms simply give off a noise stimulus which interrupts sleep in an intrusive and non-natural way.  The waking process should ideally be more productive.  A daylight/sunrise simulator light will help to wake the body naturally, which will help you to wake feeling more refreshed.

The ideal environment to sleep in is a ‘cool’ one – raising your body temperature with a warm/hot shower just before climbing into bed in a cool bedroom is likely to help you sleep better.  Being stuffy or too hot/cold is a key indicator of poor sleep.  Another top tip from nick is to NOT take a glass of water to bed, which sends signals to your brain to tell you to wake during the night to drink it.  Instead, keep properly hydrated during the day.



Finally, it is important to invest in good bedding that suits your individual needs which will improve your quality of sleep and help stop you tossing and turning throughout the night in the search for a more comfortable position.  A typical complaint is feeling too hot during the night resulting in disturbed sleep.  The ideal solution is our Perfect Balance™ range which includes duvet, pillow, mattress and pillow protectors.  The range helps to regulate your body to its optimum temperature throughout the night – no more night sweats or cold spots!  It also wicks away excess moisture, leaving you to wake feeling cool and refreshed, and ready to face the challenges of the day!



We now lead increasingly busier lifestyles, have greater workloads and more commitments, so sleep is often the first thing that suffers.  However, by investing in superior bedding that suits your individual needs and turning your bedroom into a sleep haven (rather than a work station), you can maximise your daily schedule and achieve more simply through the power of good sleep.

The revolutionary R90 range has been used by elite athletes the world over. R90 products are used home and away by world class squads and Olympic professionals to maximise performance, pre, during and post sleep to reduce deprivation and improve both physical and mental recovery.


The R90 Clusterfibre Pillow Pair


Maintain your ideal body position with a pair of R90 pillows, created to keep perfect alignment throughout the night for a comfortable sleep. The pillow pairs are highly breathable and hypo-allergenic, ideal for allergy suffers. Filled with fine microfibre clusters and covered in an ultra-soft fabric, it offers medium support for a restorative night’s sleep.

R90 Clusterfull Pillow Pair

Price: £35.00

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The R90 All Seasons Microfibre Duvet


The R90 duvet is designed to give you a comfortable and restorative night’s sleep. The duvet is filled with Smartfil® fibres which help keeps it shape, as well as making it easily compressible for home washing, making it ideal for allergy sufferers. Encased in an ultra-soft fabric, the R90 duvet will provide the highest level of comfort for the quality sleep you need. The four seasons design allows for use all year round, two duvets at 9.0 & 4.5 togs for the Spring and Summer months that combine to make a warm 13.5 tog for the colder nights of winter.

R90 All Seasons Microfibre Duvet

Price: £75 – £135

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The R90 Clusterfibre Topper


This R90 mattress topper is constructed with individual cassette pockets that are deeply filled with luxurious microfibre clusters, giving you extra support, loftiness and plumpness as you sleep. A light cotton cover adds breathability and freshness, meaning you’ll stay comfortable all night long.

R90 Clusterfull Topper

Price: £95 – £155

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