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About Us

At The Fine Bedding Company we never underestimate the importance of sleep. As a UK based company, we use only the finest fabrics and the most technologically innovative ingredients from around the world. All are designed to ensure that at the end of each day you drift off in total comfort and luxury and get the great night’s sleep you deserve. As committed ‘sleepologists’ we understand the different ways that people sleep and the different bedding requirements that they have.

We are proud to be a fourth generation British business with over 100 years of innovation

Quality Craftsmanship

Over the years, we have invested millions into cutting-edge, market first technology to ensure that every single product is made to perfection. We know it’s the little details that make the difference, that’s why everything from our raw fibres and fabrics, through to stitching techniques and binding goes through rigorous testing before we bring the end product to you.

Our Heritage

Innovation doesn’t just happen. It comes from dedication, passion and hard work. As a fourth generation British business with over 100 years of innovation behind us; we know that this is what makes the difference for our customers. We developed the first truly home washable duvet that fits in a domestic washing machine (7kg), and can be washed at 60°C up to 20 times without losing its feel or performance. Our latest advanced fibre technology Smartfil® represents a vital step forward in how we think about bedding products, and a real step change in the quality and technology of products available.


A sustainable future

We have a vision for a sustainable future, and ensure that  100% of the energy used in our purpose-built factory comes from renewable sources. We use sustainably-sourced modal (made from wood pulp) in our Breathe range, and sustainable cotton for the beautiful covers on our Finest Luxury Cotton range. We are also the only manufacturer to conduct a carbon study on our products and their impact with a view to reducing this. These results, in line with our bespoke model for continuous improvement, ensures that we have a defined route map for continuing to challenge our practices to ensure that we have the most sustainable produced product in the market.

Some of our sustainability achievements can be seen below

  • 19% lower carbon footprint on key product ranges (compared to industry standard duvet)
  • Energy reduction of 25% per unit manufactured
  • 90% Waste recycled

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Recently awarded the Gold Green Apple Award 2017 for Environmental Engineering and Manufacturing by The Green Organisation.


Ethical Sourcing

We are fully committed to ethical sourcing and traceability. Our parent company, which has more than 100 years’ experience in the manufacture of the highest quality bedding, only works with partners that meet stringent ethical standards and share our total commitment to animal welfare. All of Trendsetter’s suppliers are audited annually by the IDFL (International Down and Feather testing Laboratory) to ensure they’re compliant and we’re working towards the Responsible Down Standard as an industry recognised mark to show we do not harm animals when producing our products.

We ensure that all of our suppliers have signed a contract for the compliance of corporate ethics, including working conditions, the environment and the treatment of animals. We use independent third party auditors to ensure supply chain traceability and conformance to the European Down and Feather Association (EDFA), International Down & Feather Testing Laboratory (IDFL), and Oeko-Tek® raw material standards.


We are sustainably responsible – 100% of the energy used in our factories comes from renewable sources

A name you can trust

As an authority in the bedding world, we manufacture and source only premium quality products that perform to exceed expectation. As such, we pride ourselves on our integrity and the enduring quality and performance of our products, and consistently test them to ensure that they meet our specifications, so that our you know you are buying a brand you can trust. But don’t just take our word for it – our products have been rated and recommended by The Independent, Period Homes & Interiors, The Express, Prima, London Evening Standard and House Beautiful, to name but a few.