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    Guarantee Terms and Conditions

    Your guarantee is subject to the following terms and conditions:

    • Proof of purchase is required
    • Original packaging is required
    • Product will be subject to quality testing and inspection.
    • Washing and Care instructions must be followed; if they have not been you will not be protected under the terms of this guarantee.
    • Regular monthly airing of duvets is advised.
    • Where the product has not been properly maintained in accordance with care instructions supplied then the guarantee will not apply.
    • This guarantee protects products that are cared for in accordance with the care instructions on the care labels adhered to the products.
    • Abuse, accidental damage or unexpected wear and tear to the product is not covered by the guarantee.
    • We reserve the right to refuse to collect and/or dispose of any unsanitary product.
    • Where there is evidence of product abuse, misuse or use other than domestic use by you or family the guarantee will not apply.
    • The product will not be protected if animals have been allowed to sleep or walk on it due to claws being able to perforate the case, allowing the contents to protrude or escape.
    • The terms of this guarantee in no way limit your consumer legal and statutory rights.
    • 10 year guarantee applies to the following products: Nimbus Emporium Gold Collection Hungarian Goose Down Duvet, Nimbus Emporium Silver Collection Hungarian Goose Down Duvet, Nimbus Emporium Bronze Collection Goose Down Duvet.
    • Date of guarantee will begin from the date of registration, if registration is within 3 months of product purchase. If date of registration is outside of this 3 month window then registration will begin from the last date of the three months after purchase. Proof of purchase is required.
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