New year, new you? The secret to achieving your goals

Posted on 09 / 01 / 2018 by Sleep Lover

With the end of January slowly approaching this is the key time in which to review your new years’ resolutions and goals for the year.  If you find your resolve is wavering already, below are some top tips to help you stay on track to achieve your targets, whatever they may be.

Keep it real

It’s great to be ambitious but if your goals aren’t realistic there is a good chance you will be left feeling like a failure.  By setting realistic goals within realistic time-frames you are more likely to hit your targets and feel great!

Dear diary

Keeping a diary will help you to track your progress and allow you to see every small success.  This will help to keep you motivated and focused on achieving your end goal.  Don’t forget to include important information such as date, time and details relating to your goal (e.g. weight, number of cigarettes smoked, amount of money saved etc).


Whether healthy eating and exercise (trust us, you don’t even need to leave the bedroom) are encompassed in your goals or not, a healthy body equals a healthy mind – and a healthy mind is a strong, more determined one!  If you feel good on the inside you have more energy and better focus – two things that are essential in helping you achieve your goals.


As lovers of a good night’s sleep, we never underestimate the importance of high quality sleep, night after night – and you shouldn’t either!  Restful, deep sleep is the underpinning success factor in achieving any goal, as when we sleep our body repairs and regenerates in order to be ready for the challenges the next day brings.  This is why we offer luxury bedding tailored to suit your needs – from our Hungarian goose down duvets to our climate control duvet; our luxury mattress topper range to our specialist support pillow range, there is something to suit everyone – so no excuse for poor sleep! We’ve also used our sleep science knowledge to pull together some basic sleep tips for you.

App it

In today’s technology-saturated world, there is an app for almost anything.  And as nearly everyone has their phone constantly by their side it can make it really easy to record diet and exercise, monitor sleeping patterns, and even get real-time support on stopping smoking.  Search online or on your phone’s app store to see what’s out there.

Good luck!


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