National Make Your Bed Day

Posted on 09 / 09 / 2014 by Sleep Lover

According to online sources, 11th September 2014 is “Make Your Bed Day”. However here at The Fine Bedding Company we know that this isn’t as straight forward as it sounds. Following a recent survey* we have uncovered that putting on a duvet cover is regarded as one of the most challenging household chores.

There are some rather creative ways to tacking this domestic task, here’s the UK’s top five techniques for putting on a duvet cover:

1. The Hand Puppet – Turning the duvet cover inside out to flip it over is the most popular approach (28% of UK homes).
2. The Wrestler – Getting inside the duvet cover with the duvet to wrestle it corner to corner is a close second (24%).
3. The Recruiter – 19% of the UK makes changing a duvet a two-man job, waiting for someone to help you out!
4. The Clip Method – Using clips or pegs to hold the corners in place was the next most popular method (15%).
5. The Double Fold – Folding the duvet up & shaking it in (just 5% of us fold).

Other more bizarre methods cited included The Commando – laying the duvet cover on the floor and crawling up to the top corners commando style with the duvet and The Chimneysweep method, where you take two small children give each a corner of the duvet and send them into the cover. Fastening the cover and shaking it down only when you are certain there are no children still inside.

How do you make your bed? Do you use one of the top 5 methods, or do you get more creative? Maybe you have a different technique entirely. Let us know on twitter with #makeyourbedday.

To ease the nation’s Make Your Bed Day frustrations, we called in the experts and filmed a vlog to demonstrate the quickest and easiest technique. We’ve even created step by step guides to the most popular approaches for changing your duvet cover. Now there’s no excuse for not having an expertly made bed!

1.  The Hand Puppet 

  • This method starts with your duvet cover inside out, a top tip is to wash it inside out and use straight from the line or dryer.
  • Then from the cover opening walk your arms up inside the cover to each of the top corners.
  • Then holding the cover corners grab each corner of the duvet, flip the cover over and shake the duvet out.
  • Let the force of gravity help you here, hold it as high as you can, standing on the bed itself gets you an extra foot or so!
  • Tuck the bottom corners in, closed the bottom and smooth it out.

2.  The Double Fold 

    • Lay out the duvet cover flat on your bed.
    • Folding towards the opening fold it twice – first in half and then in half again.
    • Now do the same with the duvet, fold in half and half again.
    • With the duvet opening on top, stuff the folded duvet inside your folded cover.
    • Hold the corners of the duvet and cover together, shake the duvet into the cover.
    • No sweat, even solo with a super king size duvet!

3.  The Roll On 

        • Lay the duvet cover on the bed inside out.
        • Put the duvet on top of the cover.
        • Starting at the closed end, roll the two together.
        • When you have a duvet sausage open the cover and reach in.
        • Grab the end of the duvet roll and pull it through.
        • Do the same at the other end and pull the rest of your duvet sausage through.
        • Start unrolling across your bed, fasten the cover and relax!

Share your thoughts over on Facebook, Twitter and G+ – when it comes to changing your duvet cover, how do you do yours?


* The survey of 2,000 people aged 18-70 years was carried out in August 2014 using an online methodology.

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