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Posted on 25 / 10 / 2013 by Sleep Lover

It’s not only us at The Fine Bedding Company who love our sleep.  Some of our favourite celebrities are also big we’ll follow some of their tips along with getting cosied up with our favourite luxury duvet ….and Gwyneth we know just how you feel!

Gwyneth Paltrow credits sleep as her top beauty tip. She states:

“For me, sleep is a major thing,” “I don’t always get it, and when I don’t, I look like I’ve been hit by a truck.”

Jennifer Lopez: Says that sleep is her weapon and she tries to get eight hours a night. Jennifer thinks that sleep, water—and a good cleanse is the perfect combination.

Matthew McConaughey: He makes sure he gets eight and half hours of sleep in order to be in top shape the next day – we’re with him on that one!

Cameron Diaz…is consistent in everything in her schedule, including; exercise, eating, and sleeping

Heidi Klum: This super model LOVES her sleep…getting 10 hours a night!

Lady Gaga: Having such a busy schedule can have a toll on your schedule. Lady Gaga makes sure to clock in as much sleep as she can fit in.

Eva Mendes: Eva loves sleep so much that she has blamed it for one of the main reasons for not wanting to have kids, for fear that it would ruin her sleep schedule


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