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Lose Weight This January Without Leaving The Bedroom…

Posted on 10 / 01 / 2018 by Sleep Lover

Editors note – this post was originally published in January 2014 and has been updated in January 2016 and republished in 2018. 

If you’re feeling the bloat after a Christmas blow out, follow The Fine Bedding Company’s easy to follow tips to save money and lose weight this January. If you’re thinking about joining a gym this January take a look at our ‘Bedercise’ fitness approach.

In our recent survey more than 60% of people said they have joined a gym in the last 12 months but actually only visited it on average once a month (you generally need to go at least twice a week to make it financially worthwhile). Two out of three people said they would prefer to exercise in their own home but either do not have the time or the know-how with regards to the right exercises to do.

With these new insights and our focus on bedroom innovation we joined forces with personal trainer Greg Johnson to help the nation save thousands of pounds on not joining gyms but making the most of the bedroom by carrying out their very own ‘Bedercise’ regime.

Greg said: “There are so many reasons why the bedroom is a great place to carry out exercises, but mainly because the bed can act as a ‘bench’ so there are lots of exercises you can do around it.

‘Bedercise’ is really simple and effective when achieving a toned figure and I can see it really catching on with home workouts in 2014”


Bedercise 2015

1 – ‘Wide-awake warm ups’ First and foremost make sure you warm up, and that doesn’t mean curling up under the duvet! Lean forward on your bed with two hands and stretch out the whole of the body, bend one leg, then bend the other. Carry out walking lunges around the bed five times, then high knee running on the spot for one minute.

Warm Up

2 – ‘Bed Bouncing’ Bounce up and down on the bed gently for up to a minute. Don’t bounce as high as children do on the trampoline but gentle bouncing kills the calories and won’t ruin the springs on your bed. Repeat this twice. If you’re feeling confident try tuck jumps to burn extra calories.

3 – Sleep-busting Squats’ place your hands in front of you and simply squat low to the ground (feet shoulder width apart, back straight, sitting down into your bottom). Carry out 15 times, then take a break for 20 seconds and carry out two more sets. This will give your bottom and legs a really good workout. Vary the workout by using a wall in the bedroom to lean against. Lower yourself down so your legs are at a 45 degree angle. Hold for 30 seconds and have a rest for 30 seconds.

4 – ‘Ditch the Duvet Dips’ Tricep dips are the perfect way to tone up arms and avoid those all too common ‘bingo wings’. Position your hands shoulder-width apart on the bed, slide your bum off the front of the bed with your legs extended out in front of you, straighten your arms, keeping a little bend in your elbows and slowly bend them to lower your body toward the floor until your elbows are at about a 90-degree angle. Make sure you keep your back straight and close to the bed. Once you reach the floor press your weight down into the bed to straighten your elbows, returning to the starting position. If you need to bend your legs to help carry out the exercise. Repeat 20 times then take a break of no more than 20 seconds and complete two more sets.

Tricep Dips

5 – ‘Pillow Push Ups’ the thought of press ups can be daunting but they are one of the best exercises that you can do and give a good work out. Get into position with you feet on the bed with hands resting on the floor – set your hands at a distance that is slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Your feet should be set apart up in a way that feels right and comfortable to you. Remember that your body should be one giant straight line – and that means no bums sticking up in the air! With arms straight and bottom clenched steadily lower towards the floor until your elbows are at a 90-degree angle or smaller. (Try to keep to your elbows tucked in with each rep). Finally raise yourself back up again with your arms straight. Carry this out 15 times and then repeat for two more sets. Vary this move by using the bed to rest on rather than the floor (shown below).

Pillow Push Up

It’s well documented that getting enough good-quality sleep is fundamental to health. But sleep is a key component of successful weight loss. It’s all about how sleep affects your hormones. Will you be giving ‘Bedercise’ a try as part of your 2014 New Year resolutions? Tell us how it works for you and what you think.

The survey polled 2,000 people during November 2013. For a full copy of the survey results email kirsty@theprboutique.co.uk

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