Looking To Burn Some Calories? Head To The Bedroom!

Posted on 23 / 01 / 2015 by Sleep Lover

If you’re looking to shed some pounds look no further than your own bedroom.

According to FitWatch, a person weighing 160 pounds (11stone 6 lbs) will burn 69 calories per hour while sleeping, meaning the average Brit could burn 552 calories per night (based on eight hours of sleep) – that’s equivalent to a chicken roast dinner with all the trimmings or two doughnuts.

Intrigued by the impact of sleep on weight loss, we set about researching other ways to lose weight…without leaving the bedroom. On the back of our survey that revealed two out of three people would prefer to exercise at home than go to the gym, we teamed up with Personal Trainer Greg Johnson to develop the ultimate bloat-busting routine that can be carried out in the bedroom.

Here’s what Greg had to say about our bedroom based exercises: “Our five bedroom body-busting moves are really easy and fun to do. If each of the moves are repeated at least twice, the sequence can tot up to a valuable 30 minutes of exercise. As people’s everyday lives get more hectic, we have become very time poor and exercise is often the first thing to be dropped. Cut out the time and inconvenience of travelling to the gym and you can still enjoy a healthy dose of daily exercise, completed before even leaving the bedroom in the morning. You can even do it in your PJs!”

Bedercise 2015

Bedroom Bloat-Busters 

Warm Up1. The Wake-Up Warm Up

Lean forward on your bed with two hands and complete calf stretches, bending your front leg and stretching out your back leg until you feel a pulling sensation in your calf muscle. Stretch each leg for 30 seconds. Then, carry out walking lunges around the bed five times, before high knee running on the spot for three minutes.

Bed Bouncing2. Bloat-Busting Bounces

Hop on your bed and bounce up and down for three minutes. Repeat this three times, introducing tuck jumps third time round.

Squat 13. Serious Squats

One of the most time-efficient ways to burn calories, squats are a great for weight loss and will build muscle across your whole body, not just your legs! Place your hands in front of you and squat low to the ground (feet shoulder width apart, back straight, sitting down into your bottom). Carry this out in two sets of 15. You can vary the workout by using a wall in the bedroom to lean against.

Duvet Dip14. Duvet Dips

Say goodbye to bingo wings with this simple move. Position your hands shoulder-width apart on the bed, positioning your feet on the feet on the floor in squat position. Straighten your arms and slowly bend them to lower your body, before lifting your body back up again to start position. Repeat 20 times then take a break of no more than 20 seconds and complete two more sets.

Pillow Push Up 35. Pillow Push Ups                                                                         

Position your feet apart on the bed with hands resting on the floor, shoulder-width apart. With arms straight and bottom clenched, steadily lower towards the floor before raising back up again until your arms are straight. Cary this out 15 times and then repeat for two more sets. For a slightly easier version use the bed rather than the floor.

Exercising helps you fall asleep; it really is as simple as that. There is a clear association between the quality of sleep and weight loss; tiredness and eating sugary high calorie food. There was also a study by Oxford University researchers for the Institute of Cancer Research that found that waist circumference was a lot higher in women with lighter bedrooms, revealing an connection between light exposure at night and obesity – so lots of reasons to get good quality Zzz’s at night if you want to stay trim and beat the bloat.

These simple bedroom-based exercises teamed with a luxury duvet and pillow to help deliver a great night’s sleep could help to shed pounds this winter! Will you be giving them a try? Share your thoughts and experience with us over on Facebook and Twitter.

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