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Posted on 17 / 07 / 2018 by Sleep Lover

Environmentally conscious practices have always been a primary consideration for us as a company, so we do whatever we can in terms of ethically sourcing materials and manufacturing responsibly and sustainably. We were especially proud to launch the UK’s first 100% recycled duvet in the spring; the culmination of years of research and product development.


There’s always more that all of us can do though, both as a company and as individuals, to take a more considered approach to how we use the earth’s resources.


We decided it was time to get our hands dirty – quite literally!


Last month, more than 20 of the Trendsetters team, led by our MD, Clare, set out in determined mood to clean up Trafford Park (the area around our HQ). We then headed out to a number of local parks and did a bit of freelance wombling there too.


We’d split into teams (so it was more than a little competitive!) and found, when we regrouped at the end of the day, that we’d picked up more than 30 sacks of rubbish! We sorted through our haul and saw that the vast bulk of it was recyclable drinks cans and plastic PET bottles, which we then took to the local recycling centre.


The whole thing was a powerful illustration of just how many of our consumables aren’t recycled – but also what can happen when they are. It takes just 120 PET plastic bottles to spin the micro-fibres to fill a double ECO duvet. We use recycled fabric for the cover, recycled cardboard and water-based inks for the packaging too.


There’s so much rubbish lying around that could be put to good use – next time you buy a bottle of water, be sure to put it in the recycling when you’re done. You never know – you might snuggle under an ECO duvet one day and that’s sure to help you sleep a little more easily.


We’ve now caught the litter (picking) bug, so we’ll be out and about again on ‘Let’s Do It World Clean Up Day’ on September 15th.


Fancy giving us a hand? We’d love to have you along.

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