How Your iPhone Could Help You Sleep Better

How Your iPhone Could Help You Sleep Better

Posted on 27 / 01 / 2016 by Sleep Lover

Are you one of those people who spend the last few minutes before you go to sleep on your phone?

You’re not alone – research suggests nearly 80% of us sleep with our phones next to the bed at night. We have already looked at the things you might be reading or watching when you’re on your phone in the bedroom in 2016. Now, those of us with iPhones are in for a little treat from Apple… and it’s a development that may just help you sleep better.

The tech company’s next update – iOS 9.3, due imminently – will come with a brand new ‘Night Shift’ mode. The development is a result of the worldwide concern about how smartphones and bedrooms mix, as it is believe the blue light your device emits can potentially destroy sleeping patterns and lead to medical problems.

If you must continue to use your phone in bed, though, ‘Night Shift’ might well be the answer to your prayers. It will certainly alleviate the current problems, as the software update contains a setting to adjust the display on your device depending on the time of day.

Apple has said that the colours on your screen will shift “to the warmer end of the spectrum” at night time and the results will be “easier on your eyes”. Whether they’ll be as easy on you as our luxury duvets, or offer as much protections as our mattress protectors, remains to be seen… but if you’re in the habit of checking your phone last thing at night, then this is certainly good news for you.

In the past, Apple has set strict guidelines on its iPhone display and stopped developers making changes. This new move suggests that maybe the tech giant has protecting your sleeping patterns in mind… we shall see.

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