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Why is wellness so important for sleep?

Posted on 09 / 10 / 2017 by Sleep Lover

Why is wellness so important for sleep?

We’ve been asking ourselves this for a long time now. With well-being and mindfulness being a hot topic lately, we wondered what this meant to us? We know how important sleep is for you and it is our job to provide you with the tools that help towards the best nights sleep of your life. We’ve got the bedding sorted, so why not help you with the bits before you sleep too?

When we’re busy or stressed, sleep is usually the first thing that suffers. Having a good night’s sleep improves your awareness, decision making skills, energy levels, metabolism. This encourages feelings of positivity, which overall makes all our lives much happier and helps us to realise our own potential, hitting further wellness goals and lasting optimal health. We can tell you the top 5 tips to a better night’s sleep, but if there other factors affecting your sleep or you are feeling out of sorts, then we can understand why sleeping can be a struggle.

What is wellness?

Wellness is all about being aware of the major areas in your life and analysing if they are negative, unhealthy or lacking potential. It is also good to decide which areas are most important to you or should be a priority. Taking this information, you can then address each area and make changes to achieve over all balance and health in each. The five major areas of wellness are;

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Social
  • Spiritual
  • Lifestyle

By improving at least some of these areas, you can massively reduce stress and anxiety levels, which will also contribute towards peace of mind and better quality sleep. Still don’t believe us, read about how sleep can help counter balance stress here.

A good start is to create a wellness plan, breaking down each area to address what is working and what isn’t. This is then used to either make changes or plan out certain goals in order to balance out each area to promote well being. Start small though and make sure these changes are manageable. It is counterproductive to go from one extreme to the other, but in time this can be steadily increased. We recommend starting with one area first and then once this comes second nature move on to the next. Remember though, this could take a moment or months to achieve, so be realistic and patient with yourself. The path to wellness is not a smooth or easy one, but rest assured you will sleep much better at the end of it.

But what comes first, sleep or wellness?

Just as wellness leads to a good night’s sleep, this does then leads back to improved wellness, essentially creating your own wellness tidal wave. This isn’t a bad thing and after a while will pick up momentum and become second second nature to you. So pick up your surfboard and go ride that wave!

Surf your way to wellness

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