The Importance of ‘Sleeptember’

Posted on 10 / 09 / 2018 by Sleep Lover

Build the foundations for a great night’s sleep this ‘Sleeptember’.

SLEEPTEMBER is the month when we at the Fine Bedding Company like to remind ourselves of the important ways to achieve a great night’s sleep, and this year we have new research reinforcing the importance of bedding as the foundation of quality sleep.

Everyone has their own personal preferences when it comes to sleep. But according to the latest figures half of people in the UK feel they don’t get enough sleep. And with so much sleep advice out there – from what to eat to when to turn screens off – it can sometimes be overlooked that your bedding could be as much to blame as your late night social media or email checking habit for not achieving a good night’s sleep.

New research shows that sleep and comfort ARE heavily related, and that having the wrong bedding foundations will impact on sleep quality.

We equate the importance of filled bedding products to underwear for feeling great and comfort. Even the most comfortable dress won’t deliver contentment if you’re wearing too tight or boned underwear – and it’s the same with bedding. If the filled bedding isn’t right then the cover or mattress won’t make a difference.

Our extensive research into developing new products shows us what happens when people sleep and how different bedding works in relation to this. A core focus on our product development is to create comfort and to deliver a range of products that work with people’s different body types. The population’s needs vary hugely; even partners who sleep in the same bed together can have extremely different demands!

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Different products offer slightly different sleep experiences, it’s finding which works best for you, for example whether you need to feel cocooned or require a highly breathable but warm product.

As well as comfort, body temperature is a priority when it comes to achieving a good night’s sleep. Being too hot or cold can have a huge impact on the ability to drop off and remain asleep. In fact in a recent survey, nearly a third of UK (30%) blamed lack of sleep on being too hot or cold under their duvet.

Nearly a third of UK (30%) blamed lack of sleep on being too hot or cold under their duvet

While the external room temperature is important, along with what you do before you go to bed and even lifestyle, a duvet’s tog can help achieve the right temperature – simply by getting the tog that’s right for you and the time of year.

But actually, achieving quality sleep by maintaining the right climate zone in a bed goes beyond tog. One feature that’s now available on advanced products is a duvet’s ability to wick away moisture (Breathe Duvet). This is important to everyone, not just those experiencing night sweats. On average, everyone expels around 200ml in sweat, but many people are woken nightly wet (and cold) from sweat. A more breathable duvet, or one with the addition of products natural fibres such as silk (Boutique Silk Duvet), or modal (Breathe Duvet) goes further than standard duvets to help prevent excess sweating. This will aid better sleep.

Other experts agree:

  • Neuroscientist Dr Penny Lewis who runs the sleep lab at Manchester University advises that “a good duvet can help us to maintain a comfortable body temperature while we sleep even if the room is a bit too warm or too cold. If it is highly breathable e.g. with natural or technically innovative synthetic fill, it can also prevent moisture from accumulating.”
  • The Sleep Council also includes comfort and hygiene in the top things that should be considered in order to enjoy a restful night’s sleep. Paying attention to bedding hygiene reduces increased waking from health problems such as allergies and asthma. Waking up feeling un-refreshed with a stiff neck or shoulder ache could also be a sign your pillow isn’t supporting you in the way it should.

Advice from The Fine Bedding Company on how to build the foundations to promote better quality sleep in five easy steps:

  1. Invest in a mattress topper – If your mattress is a little on the firm side for your liking start by adding a mattress topper, designed to provide an added layer of cushioning support to the body throughout the night. The Fine Bedding Duck Feather and Down Mattress Topper (from £85.00) adds a naturally soft, breathable layer to your mattress. Encased in 100% cotton, the duck feather and down filling is split into a cassette pocket construction so it remains evenly spread for maximum comfort.
  2. Re-think your pillow – If you find yourself constantly ditching one of your pillows in the middle of the night then it might be time to reconsider your usual pillow combination. The Perfect Pillow Pair from The Fine Bedding Company (now £25.00) has been created following extensive consumer feedback and testing. Featuring a pair of plump pillows, firm and square edged on the bottom to support, with a softer standard style on the top to cushion, they may just revolutionise the way you sleep.
  3. Go anti-allergy – If you suffer from asthma or eczema your bedding could be adding to the problem and making your allergies worse. Pillows and duvets provide the perfect conditions for dustmites which can trigger symptoms. The Fine Bedding Anti Allergy Pillow and Duvet collection (from £16.50), features an advanced anti-allergy technology called Health Guard which provides an anti fungal, anti dustmite barrier, to create a safer, more hygienic sleeping environment. The duvet is also washable from 40 degrees for extra piece of mind.
  4. Let your bedding breathe – if you wake up in the night from over-heating or are experiencing night sweats, invest in a breathable duvet with advanced technology to wick moisture away from your body and keep you comfortable all night long. The Fine Bedding Breathe Duvet (from £41.50) is an advanced climate control duvet which blends Smartfil® technology with a special ingredient called Modal, which is derived from natural wood pulp and exceptionally breathable. Modal helps to wick moisture away from the body, allowing you to sleep in total temperature-controlled comfort and wake up feeling refreshed.
  5. Change with the seasons – being too hot or too cold is one of the UK’s biggest sleep complaints. The Fine Bedding Spundown Four Seasons Duvet (from £72.50) offers the ideal solution, combining a 4.5 and 9 tog duvet which can be clipped together to make a 13.5 tog duvet during the winter months. Experiment with the combinations to get the temperature just right. Featuring Smartfil® fibres, which are highly compressible, all Spundown duvets can fit in a domestic washing machine and be washed at 40 degrees with fibres returning to their original plump shape when dry.

Sleeptember is a great time to remember the importance of a good night’s sleep and we hope that this year people will focus on the building blocks of their bedding to help them ease into a blissful slumber night after night.

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