Too Hot To Sleep?

Posted on 11 / 07 / 2013 by Sleep Lover

With so many people taking to the internet to share their miseries in the sleep department – mainly the lack of it- due to the current heat wave, we’ve decided to share even more tips on how to get a better night’s sleep. Here goes.

1.    Fill a hot water bottle with water and stick it in the freezer a few hours before bed.  Wrap it in its cover and voila – your own bedtime ice pack to help you keep cool in the heat

2.    If your fan just isn’t quite cutting it in its attempts to cool you down try putting a shallow pan in front of it full of ice- the air blowing from the fan will pick up the coolness of the ice to provide a cooling mist

3.    Don’t forget your pulse points – a key way to cool down is to run your wrists under a cold tap, or have some ice packs ready to dab on your other pulse points – this is a really quick and effective way to help your body get rid of excess heat

4.    Give your partner the brush off! Not practical long-term of course, but if there is one particular night where you feel drastically overheated and desperately need your sleep for that important meeting in the morning, it’s better to sleep on opposite sides of the bed (or even in another room). There’s a clear link between increased relationship tension after poor sleep, so it may not actually be a bad thing!

5.    Embrace the latest technology – one which has no ongoing electricity/power costs. We’re talking about our Breathe climate control bedding range , which works with your body to wick away moisture through the night, helping to keep you cool, dry and fresh

6.    Don’t indulge in a huge meal in the evening – switch to a lighter meal which is easier to metabolise and therefore your body produces less heat. Turkey and cherry juice are also renowned for their sleep-promoting abilities, so stock up to sleep well

7.    Cold compresses work a treat – dampen a cloth or some tissue and squeeze out the excess moisture.  Please the compress on your pulse points or wherever you feel too hot

8.    Don’t simply turn off electric appliances like laptops and phone chargers – disconnect/unplug them totally, as even when switched off they can give off heat – all of which can increase the temperature of your room

9.    If you need specialist support from your pillow during the night, chances are you probably have a memory foam pillow.  These pillows are excellent at offering temperature-sensitive, moulded support however on sticky summer nights they’re probably not the best, as memory foam can create heat build-up.  Instead, swap for a latex pillow – ours offers specialist support and features an advanced airflow system to stop the build up of heat and allow circulation of air through the night.

10. An old trick but a good one nonetheless is to hang a damp sheet in front of the window (without blocking it totally), which will allow the breeze to pick up the coolness of the moisture as it drafts into the room

Stay cool, sleep well!

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