Too Hot To Sleep? Top Five Tips For Staying Cool At Night

Posted on 12 / 05 / 2016 by Sleep Lover

Britain is expected to continue to bask in sunshine and high temperatures as May’s heat wave is predicted to continue. Sunday 8th May brought the country’s hottest day of the year so far seeing temperatures reach as high as 27.1C in St James Park in London – warmer than Ibiza and Istanbul. The warmer weather is leaving many Brits struggling to get a good night’s sleep. The days may be long and warm but for many so are the nights as frustrated sleepers toss and turn, battling against stuffy bedroom temperatures. For those struggling to sleep in the heat, we’ve compiled top 5 tips to stay cool at night.

Choose the Right Pillow

Choosing the right pillow is not only essential for a great night’s sleep but is key to keeping cool whilst sleeping. Try a breathable pillow like our Boutique Silk pillow. Packed with advanced Smartfil® fibres and blended with pure silk this pillow is breathable and washable at home at 40 degrees.

Let the Air In

According to experts*, the optimum room temperature for sleeping is between 16C and 18C so it is essential to ventilate bedrooms by opening the windows. However, for many opening windows at night can lead to concerns about home security and pest intrusions. If this concerns you try opening window vents or leaving windows ajar via vent locks and where windows don’t offer a ventilation option, try opening bedroom windows an hour before bed for a cool and ventilated sleeping environment.

Choose the Right Tog

The duvet you sleep under during the summer months should have a lighter tog than the duvet slept under during the winter. A duvet’s tog rating indicates the amount of warmth it provides – aim for a 4.5 tog during the summer months to avoid uncomfortable levels of insulation. The Breathe Duvet is our most breathable duvet yet. Filled with advanced Smartfil® and modal, it contains breathable fibres which breathable and helps wick moisture away from the body,helps wick moisture away from the body.

Get Hydrated!

Drinking a glass of ice-cold water before bed will not only keep you hydrated ready for the night ahead, it will also immediately lower your body temperature. Try popping a bottle of water in the freezer an hour before bed and have it by your bedside for a refreshing sip in the night.

Loosen Up

Sleeping in tight clothing is not only uncomfortable it will lead to unwanted and excessive heat retention. Try sleeping in lightweight, loose cotton pajamas that are not only breathable but will absorb sweat to cool you down.

*Dr Neil Stanley.–Get-good-nights-sleep.html

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