National Bed Month

Hop under the duvet for National Bed Month

Posted on 12 / 03 / 2014 by Sleep Lover

National Bed Month runs throughout March and what better time to breathe some life into the bedroom than with some new luxury bedding.

Worn out old duvets, pillows and mattresses are likely to prevent sound sleep, and with seven out of ten people in the UK admitting they don’t know the type of duvet they are sleeping with, March is the perfect time to take a fresh look at your bed partner – we’re talking about your duvet of course!

With so many different tog ratings and filling types, deciding on which bedding will equal a good night’s sleep can be a minefield. We have compiled our guide to the duvets and pillow that will enhance the way the nation sleeps.

Boutique Silk Duvet

Boutique Silk – This is our crème de la crème top of the range synthetic duvet. Containing a blend of 10% silk fibres and 90% Smartfil advanced fibre technology. This duvet matches the high quality natural down fillings but has added benefits – it’s incredibly light and washable at 60 degrees.

Duvet starts from £55 (4.5 tog single)




Platinum European Goose Down – Our top of the range natural fill product features only the Platinum European Goose Down Duvetbest, high quality, certified down from the finest geese in Europe. Containing the highest percentage of premium down this duvet is thermally efficient but also very breathable.

Duvets start from £180 (4.5 tog double)



Goose Down Duvet – This duvet is a Goose Down Duvetmix of 60% goose down and 40% goose feather. Ideal for those who still want a naturally breathable, light and soft duvet due to its higher down to feather ratio.

Duvets start from £70 (4.5 tog double)



Pillow Love
Changing a pillow can make a huge difference to the way we sleep. We spend on average seven hours a night resting on it so give pillows some attention and reap the rewards. Our pillows have been carefully crafted using innovative technologies, there is everything from soft support right through to extra firm pillows.

Luxury Pillows

Boutique Silk Pillow is £30
Duck Feather & Down Pillow is £20
Memory Foam Pillow is £50

Tell us what you think, will you be updating your bedding as part of your Spring cleaning?

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