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How to make a bed sheet ghost and many other easy costumes this Halloween!

Posted on 27 / 10 / 2017 by Sleep Lover

Here at The Fine Bedding Company we love Halloween! A time for autumn leaves, pumpkin lattes, chocolate and snuggling under a duvet on the sofa watching scary movies. Every year though, we wrack our brains trying to think of a scary and unique costume! This inevitably ends with us either spending a fortune, wasting a month making something or rushing at the last minute to the shops. So, we decided this year we would go with what we know, a bed sheet ghost!

Simple, easy and cost effective! Here is a step to step guide on how to…

Craft List

1 x White Bed Sheet

1 x Pair of Scissors

1 x Black Pen (optional)


  1. Take the bed sheet and fold it in half width ways and then fold it in half again length ways to find the middle.
  2. Open up the bed sheet and put this over your head making sure that the middle is on the top of your head.
  3. Carefully mark out where your eyes are, take off the sheet and cut our two holes for you to see through.
  4. (Optional) resting on some scrap paper, draw a black outline round the eye holes and if you like, draw on a mouth and a nose.
  5. Put the bed sheet back over your head and position accordingly.
  6. Take a camera phone, take a selfie and post to all social media channels tagging The Fine Bedding Company.


If a bed sheet ghost isn’t your thing, here are some other ideas we had that are just as easy to make.

  • A roman god or goddess – Simply wrap this round you and secure at the top of one shoulder. A belt, ribbon or string can be added to secure this round your waist. Lastly, add elaborate gold jewellery an olive wreath round your head.
  • The Statue of Liberty – You’ll need a green or turquoise t-shirt, a sheet in a similar colour, and lots of cardboard painted a similar shade to craft the crown, torch and tablet of independence. Drape the bed sheet as above and good to go.
  • A Mummy – Take an old white bed sheet and rip this in to strips. Wrap the strips round you and secure. Keep wrapping till you are completely mummified and look like the walking dead, mwah ha ha!
  • Little Red Riding Hood – As you can imagine, this will require a red bed sheet. Take the sheet and drape it over your head in a way that you can shape a hood. You could use a ribbon to fashion a tie at the neck, but this might need a bit of sewing to stay put.
  • The Grim Reaper – Follow the same as the above to fashion the spooky hood, but you will need to use a black bed sheet. Add one scythe, white face paint and a deathly stare!
  • Dobby The House Elf – Sew the top and bottom edge of a bed sheet together. Step in to this and tie arm holes above your shoulders. Create cardboard ears and stick these to either a piece of elastic or a headband. Take one sock off, but leave the other one on and then practice your Patronus!

And for those who are too cool for school…

  • Princess Leia – Cut a hole in the middle of a white sheet, sew down the sides leaving holes for your arms and then wrap a belt round your waist. Ear buns are mandatory!
  • Jedi Knight or Sith – White, Cream, Grey or Brown for Jedi and Black for the Sith. Wear your chosen colour trousers and top. Take an appropriate colour bed sheet and fold in half width ways, wrap this over your shoulders taking the two top corners down to the opposite sides of your waist and crossing these over like a dressing gown. Add as many layers as you want and secure with a belt round your waist. Add a lightsaber. May the force be with you!
  • No-Face from Spirited Away – Follow all the steps for a bed sheet ghost, but with a black sheet. Take a white piece of cardboard to create the face of No-Face and secure as a mask.
  • Karate Kid Shower Costume – This is pretty complicated and only for the dedicated out there. You’re on your own with this one…

We want to see all of your bed sheet inspired Halloween costumes and you can tag us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Now go get your spook on!

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