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Get the Emergency Chairs Out

Posted on 07 / 12 / 2018 by admin

I’m a proud to be from the North, as is the Fine Bedding Company. It’s a bit of a cliché, but we do find ourselves identifying with professional Northerner Peter Kay. He really speaks our language sometimes.

I’ll have lots of people staying at my house this Christmas and I was reminded of his Get the Emergency Chairs out routine. The joke is that whenever we Northerners have a family get-together, we never have enough chairs. We then have a mad scramble to round up the Emergency Chairs – stools, bedroom chairs, garden chairs, even neighbours’ chairs. We all sit around the table at wildly differing heights, given our improvised seating arrangements, but that’s all part of the fun: there’s a real camaraderie about it.

I do have enough chairs (if we arrange the kids along a bench), so we’re good for seating, thanks, but sleeping’s always a bit more of a challenge.

If, like us, you have to get the Emergency Beds out – inflatables, futons, creaky sofa-beds, the sofa itself, a line of big cushions – the easiest and simplest way for everyone to get a good night’s sleep is to make sure the bedding is lovely and feels like a hug (even if you’re sleeping on a knife-edge).

Our Night Owl duvets, for the discerning sleeper-over, are where the snugly duvet meets the sleeping bag. With its attractive printed design, there’s no need to get yourself into a tangle changing loose covers, or to dig into the backs of cupboards for dusty bedding. Just unfurl a Night Owl – which stores fresh and cosy in its own matching pillowcase – and you’re good to go. No zippers, restrictions, chills, lumps or bumps.

Then when the guests have gone home, the Night Owl will just pop into the washing machine and come out smelling of roses. Just like you.

If you’re entertaining this Christmas, make time to enjoy it. It may be stressful, but there’s a lifehack for everything. You just need to find it.

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