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Have you found Mr Right or Miss Right-For-Now?

Posted on 15 / 11 / 2013 by Sleep Lover

So this is just for fun, but as part of our Are You With The One campaign – for lovers of a great night’s sleep – we’ve put an online quiz on our Facebook page so you can check out whether you’re with Mr/Miss Right, Mr/Miss Right-For-Now or Mr/Miss Wrong!

Our survey asks

1. Describe your partner
A. They are perfect in every way, I am so lucky to have them and I wouldn’t want to ever be with anyone else
B. I think they are the one but sometimes I do have doubts; they don’t always get me
C. I have been having major doubts and I often spend time thinking if we’re right for each other

2. You have to spend a couple of nights away from home for work, how do you feel?
A. I hate spending time away from home and I count the hours down until I’m back
B. I miss them but it doesn’t really bother me, I think it’s healthy to spend some time apart
C. I can’t wait. I’ll have fun with a little bit of flirting, I love the space and time away

3. How often do you bicker?
A. We don’t really bicker about anything
B. We have arguments now and again, we tend to resolve things fairly quickly when I get my own way
C. We argue a lot and it usually end up with one of us storming off, it can take days for us to speak again

4. When you talk about your future together what usually happens?
A. We are on the same track and agree completely on what we want
B. We haven’t really discussed it but I think we want the same thing
C. I avoid talking about the future because I think it might scare my partner off

5. How is your relationship in the bedroom
A. It’s fantastic, the best ever. We are so connected on all levels
B. Yeah it’s ok we have fun when we are in the mood
C. We tend to just fall asleep when we go to bed

6. Do you compare your current partner with your last?
A.  No, never. I don’t even think about my last partner
B.  Sometimes yes, especially when we’ve had a row
C. Yes I wonder what life would have been like if I had stayed with my last partner 



Mostly A
Congratulations you seem to be with ‘The One’. You are on the right wave length on all the important things in a relationship and it looks like you will stand the test of time. Being comfortable talking about the future is a great sign and it looks like you are connected emotionally and physically.

Mostly B
You are in a great relationship but there are elements that would indicate that you need to be more open and honest to ensure that you stay together and happy. Not having the confidence to talk about the future and what you want out of life is a bad sign and something you need to address now.

Mostly C
Sorry but you are not with ‘The One’. If you’re not comfortable discussing your future together and you’re thinking about your ex this isn’t a good sign. You need to gain the confidence to talk to your partner and address the issues you have and either move forward together or move on from each other. You need to decide what you want from life and if your partner can give you that.


Head over to The Fine Bedding Company Facebook page and click on our quiz button to take the quiz.


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