5 top sleep tips

Five Top Sleep Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

Posted on 17 / 03 / 2014 by Sleep Lover

With spring in sight it’s time to refresh your bed routine and ensure you head full throttle into the summer months with a spring in your step.

Achieving a great night’s sleep can be a dream for some and a nightmare for others. Lack of sleep not only makes you feel tired, it can also affect the way we perform when confronted with lifestyle factors and pressures that affect our daily lives.

We have compiled our five top sleep tips to ensure you have a great night’s sleep.

5 top sleep tips

1. Does Your Pillow Need Replacing?
If you’re suffering from sleepless nights your pillow might be to blame. A good pillow equals a great night’s sleep and is the secret to pain-free, blissful sleep. A pillow should cradle the head and align your neck with your spine providing comfort and support throughout the night. Refresh your pillow with one of our luxury pillows for as little as £20.

2. Let The Fresh Air In
Do you ever wake up feeling restless? The route to a great night’s sleep is maintaining a room temperature between 16C and 18C. Being too hot or cold when you are sleeping means you spend the night tossing and turning trying to get comfortable. Leave your bedroom window slightly ajar at night if it’s safe to do so and reap the benefits.

3. Say Goodnight To Technology
We are all guilty of lying in bed using our phones or tablets. The light from electronic devises messes with our sleep patterns so say goodnight without your phone in the palm of your hand. Try and limit the amount of time you spend on your phone or tablet in the evening as your brain needs time to switch off and rest.

4. Sweat It Out
Have you noticed when you’ve been for a run, hit the gym or headed out for a walk that you sleep better? Exercising helps you fall asleep; it really is as simple as that. Yoga is the perfect exercise if you feel stressed out and need to feel a little calmer, promoting a great night’s sleep.

5. Does Your Duvet Do It For You?
Duvets are funny things, we spend on average 7-8 hours under it every night but most of us (around half) either don’t have the best type of duvet for our body’s requirements/time of year and seven out of ten don’t know what type of duvet we were sleeping with, based on our recent survey results.

Your duvet should be breathable, comfortable and sleep inducing.  Our Boutique Silk duvet is the perfect choice for a peaceful night’s sleep, containing 10% silk and 90% Smartfil® advanced fibre technology that will improve the way you sleep.

Does sleep come easy to you or do you lie awake struggling to switch off from the day you’ve had or the one ahead?  What are your top tips for a great night’s sleep?

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