Get More Sleep in 2016

Five Practical Tips To Help You Get More Sleep

Posted on 10 / 01 / 2018 by Sleep Lover

If ‘getting more sleep’ was one of your new year’s resolutions then we can help you get started. It was certainly one of ours! We have already looked at how you can kick-start your sleep routine – but how exactly can you go about achieving these new sleep goals?

Practical tips are where it’s at when looking at getting more sleep. So, we’ve put together a handy guide to help you stick to those resolutions. Say goodbye to sleepless night and hello to a fresh-faced 2016…

1.      Turn Off The Heating

Every night your body’s core temperature drops. Common perception puts this down to the temperature outside the house – but it’s actually what’s happening in your body that counts. A sleep environment of around 18°C is perfect for a good night’s rest, so resist the urge to turn the heating up on cold nights.

 2.      Utilise Relaxation Techniques

A great relaxation technique can act as a mini-workout too and offer you health and fitness. Tightly clenching individual muscles in your body will help you get to sleep quicker, as relaxation will flow into your muscle fibres. For example: squeeze your bicep when you’re ready for sleep, hold it tight, and then release the tension… then relax and think of the muscle as ‘asleep’. Go on, give it a go!

3.      Use A Pillow… Properly

Pillows might seem like obvious bedfellows when you’re looking for a good night’s sleep… but where you use a pillow can be just as important. If you’re not sleeping well, then changing something about your sleeping habits is where your best results may lie. There is little evidence to suggest that utilising a pillow under your head aids sleep (it’s basically a matter of comfort and habit), so what have you got to lose? Try using your pillow beneath your knees if you sleep on your back (this will support your lower back) or pop the pillow between your legs if you prefer to sleep on your side. Let us know how you get on!

4.      Push Some Buttons

Not the electronic kind, though! Mobile devices in the bedroom can be a problem when it comes to sleeping, so leave them outside of the door and push your own buttons instead. Acupressure is the traditional Chinese cure for insomnia and can work a treat. Apply pressure to specific parts of your body – the indent between the top of your nose and your eyebrows or the point just beneath the ball of the feet, for example – as these are the bits of your body that are believed to promote sleep when touched.

5.      Stay Awake!

No, we haven’t gone mad! It is thought that reverse psychology can really help you sleep. Research involving insomniacs suggests that a group of people who are asked to stay awake, whilst being not allowed to move around or watch TV, are more likely to fall asleep than those who have been told to!

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