5 hacks to create the perfect home-tel

Five Fantastic Hacks To Create The Perfect ‘Home-tel’

Posted on 12 / 10 / 2016 by Sleep Lover

Here are five simple ‘home-tel’ hacks to make spare rooms ‘guest-ready’.

Is your guest room fit for inspection?

  1. Take the ‘smelly’ bed test and invest in washable bedding

In a survey we found that 89% of guest room duvets and pillows were previously used in the master bedroom before being relegated to the spare room and 77% of those polled guessed their spare duvets were more than 10 years old*. Many have also never been washed!


CAPTION: Washable Spundown duvet from The Fine Bedding Company – priced from £37.50

Here’s best advice from our very own brand manager Sara Wadsworth:

At least a week before guests are due, spend a night in the spare room to ‘road test’ the bed, paying particular attention to any lumps and bumps in the mattress and the smell of the bedding. Washable bedding is a brilliant idea – you wouldn’t want to think you were sleeping under hotel duvets that never get washed. Washing duvets covers for new guests is commonplace in UK homes, but not duvets themselves that can harbour dust mites, and it’s as easy to wash the whole duvet now – even super king sized ones – to keep bedding smelling fresh and feeling squeaky clean even if it’s been locked away for weeks on end.

 “If the mattress has seen better days – then an enhancer is an ideal solution to add a sumptuous level of comfort. Again choose a washable enhancer or topper so you can ensure beds are on a par with a five star experience.”


CAPTION: A mattress enhancer adds a layer of cushioning on top of the mattress, solving comfort issues at low cost.
The Fine Bedding Company Spundown mattress enhancer is priced from £40

  1. Clear the clutter

 Spare rooms are often multi-purpose rooms, doubling as an office, play room, laundry area or worse, the ‘dumping ground’ of the house, according to fitted furnishings expert Betta Living.

Barry Rourke from Betta Living offers this simple advice for ensuring rooms are clutter-free and use clever storage techniques:

No guest wants to share their room with an unloved exercise bike or a pile of ironing. While getting set for a guest might need a short term fix, it is worth investing in some clever internal storage for coming years. It’s amazing how much you can store with some thought and specialist solutions – from specialist shoe-racks to pull out frames that can really maximise space.”


CAPTION: Betta Living’s pull out wardrobe frames start from just £51 and it’s all singing all dancing “It’s Real Heel Deal storage starts at £590.”

  1. A simple blackout blind can mean the difference between a good night’s sleep and a great night’s sleep

Would a hotel room have a blind that wakes guests as soon as the sun comes up? It’s a really simple solution – but by preventing morning light from streaming into the guest room at the crack of dawn can make a huge impact on your guest’s experience. Ever better – add a motorised blind for under £100 to really deliver that ‘no expense spared’ home-tel impression.


Visit www.apollo-blinds.co.uk to find out more.

  1. Keep calm (and cool) and get your room temperature just right

 The addition of Duette® energy-saving blinds will help stop guests losing sleep if a spare room is a bit chilly in the winter.  The honeycomb structure of the blinds traps air in an insulating layer, reducing the amount of heat lost through windows by up to 46%, plus they reduce external noise coming into a room – an added bonus!


Other temperature tips: Ensure guests can alter the room’s temperature – check windows still open, test radiators work and can be turned on and off (and that they don’t need bleeding) and provide a couple of additional blankets for those who like to be really toasty in bed.

Visit www.duette.co.uk to find out more.

  1. It’s all in the detail

Considerate gifts and finishing touches are a sure fire way to get five star ratings and reviews from friends and family. Simple additions such as a bedside lamp, scented candle and spare pillows will certainly make homes feel like a home-tel, as will these products from The Fine Cotton Company. Who wouldn’t want comfy slippers, gorgeous bath robes, fluffy towels or affordable hotel standard bed linen in their own room, let alone as a guest?



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