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Getting a good night’s sleep should be easy.

At The Fine Bedding Company we never underestimate the importance of sleep. We use only the finest fabrics and the most technologically innovative ingredients from around the world. All are designed to ensure that at the end of each day you get a great night’s sleep.

We are proud to be a fourth generation
British business with over 100 years of innovation


Over the years, we have invested millions into cutting-edge, market first technology to ensure that every single product is made to perfection. We know it’s the little details that make the difference, that’s why everything from our raw fibres and fabrics, through to stitching techniques and binding goes through rigorous testing before we bring the end product to you.

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Our Heritage

Innovation doesn’t just happen. It comes from dedication, passion and hard work. As a fourth generation British business with over 100 years of innovation behind us; we know that this is what makes the difference for our customers. We developed the first truly home washable duvet that fits in a domestic washing machine (7kg), and can be washed at 60°C up to 20 times without losing its feel or performance. Our latest advanced fibre technology Smartfil® represents a vital step forward in how we think about bedding products, and a real step change in the quality and technology of products available.

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