The Fill Factor: Smartfil®

Posted on 08 / 09 / 2014 by Sleep Lover

The fill factor…

NEW technology to create something as simple as the duvet is having a huge impact on the quality of the UK’s sleep.

‘Smartfil®’ is one of these revolutionary new advances, developed exclusively by  The Fine Bedding Company, Smartfil® is a unique brand of fibres that is putting synthetic duvets right up there with natural ones for breathability, snugglability and durability – but with added benefits too.

So what is Smartfil®?  It is a blend of tiny, fine fibres coated in a unique diamond-tough silicone layer that’s silky-soft to touch.  There are two types of Smartfil® fibres – Smartfil®Air used in duvets and Smartfil®Clusters used in pillows.

In duvets, the Smartfil®Air micro fibres slide without friction over each other thanks to the silicone glaze, resulting in duvets that deliver unrivalled airflow (better breathability) and drape; and are also cleverly layered in such a way to provide the lightest fibre filling for its warmth (tog rating) on the market.

Light and silky to the touch, Smartfil®Air products drape around the contours of the body, and also works like micro fibre sportswear fabric –it keeps you warm but also cleverly wicks away humidity.

Smartfil® is also ultra-washable (in a domestic machine at 60 degrees – the temperate that kills dustmites) and, thanks to the diamond-tough Smartfil® coating, products are incredibly long lasting; the Smartfil® feel will never deteriorate, staying soft and springy for a lifetime.

In pillows, Smartfil®Clusters settle into even distribution around the head and neck, delivering incredible support, cushioning and plumpness.

Natural fillings are becoming increasingly unviable for allergy-suffers, the numbers of which increase year on year. Smartfil®, whilst being ultra light and silky soft, also is non-allergenic and outperforms down thanks to its unique coating.

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