Feeling hot, hot, hot?

Posted on 30 / 10 / 2013 by Sleep Lover

We know how hard it can be to get the balance right between being too hot or too cold at night. And as duvets are a major contributing factor to achieving the right balance it’s important to make sure we have the one that’s right for us so that our sleep isn’t disturbed. When we sleep our body temperature drops. If we’re too cold in the night we don’t sleep as well as if our body temperature is at our optimum level.

Today’s new technologically advanced duvets have clever sleep technology that helps maintain the body’s temperature levels better than ever before, delivering a great night’s sleep. Similarly we can get uncomfortable if we are too hot and sweat during the night, and today’s synthetic duvets are so sophisticated they even wick moisture from the body to prevent this. Clever eh?

Practising GP and ITV Daybreak’s health editor Dr Hillary Jones has worked with us to offer advice relating to sleep. He stated: “Getting your temperature right is important to maintain sleep throughout the night. Choose light synthetic duvets which contain fibres that have excellent breathability to help regulate body temperature preventing you from becoming too hot or too cold (try The Fine Bedding Company’s Boutique Silk duvet that contains 10% silk and 90% Smartfil.

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