Essential Breakfast Hacks to Spend More Time in Bed

Posted on 24 / 03 / 2016 by Sleep Lover

One of the biggest choices most early morning risers face every day is between possibly two of the most important things for our health: breakfast, or sleep. One is essential for kick starting our metabolism and ensuring we have sufficient fuel for the day ahead. The other is crucial for our bodies to repair themselves and for our overall health. What’s a sleep lover to do?

Enter these simple breakfast hacks to ease your morning rush and give you more time in bed. While we don’t recommend numerous hits on the snooze button, we do reckon these will buy you at least a good extra half hour before your scheduled wake-up time.

1, The ‘Night-Before’ Breakfast

The most obvious way to maximize your time in a morning is to lay out your breakfast the night before. Pour your cereal into a bowl and store in the fridge before adding milk the next morning. Or if you’re more of a smoothie addict, simply place all your ingredients in a cup or a mason jar before you sleep and add liquids right before blending.

2, Overnight Oats or Chia Pudding

Overnight oats or chia seeds (or both) can be a great way to start your day, thanks to their easy transportation and minimal prep required. Whilst oats are made up of complex carbs and heart-healthy beta glucan, chia seeds offer a source of protein, calcium, iron and B vitamins. Try mixing them both for a balance of protein and energy.

To make, simply mix 2 tablespoons of chia seeds OR 3-4 tbsp of oats (or 3 tbsp oats with 1 tbsp chia seeds for a mix) with some plain yoghurt and milk of your choice. Throw in a teaspoon of sweetener of choice (such as honey or maple syrup) and some mix-ins, such as nuts, nut butter or berries. Store In an airtight container in the fridge overnight and in the morning, you can just grab and go!

If you’re new to overnight oats, try this easy recipe from Kath Eats Real Food.

3, Flapjacks or Breakfast Muffins

If you’re used to grabbing a cereal bar on your way out of the house or tempted to grab a pastry from the coffee shop near your office, this one’s for you. Hearty flapjacks or nutritious breakfast muffins can be a great way to get in some wholegrain goodness and fibre, and can be enjoyed anywhere without risk of spilling.

Try these wholewheat oatmeal raisin muffins or these omega-powered carrot, apple and flax muffins. Alternatively, if you love your morning crunch, go for these healthy superfood flapjacks or hearty feel-good granola bars.

Try baking up some of these treats on a Sunday, and freeze or store in an airtight tin to ensure breakfast all week long.

4, Use the Slow Cooker

Slow cookers can be marvelous things, enabling you to make an array of meals and dishes almost with your eyes closed. This absolutely includes breakfasts, such as this overnight slow cooker apple-cinnamon oats. Simply throw in your ingredients the night before, and you’ll wake up to a deliciously warming smell that’d drag anyone out of their bed…!

As a bonus, the slow cooker will also make large batches, so you can simply microwave a serving each day or take it with you to work.

5, Homemade Frozen Smoothie Packs

The smoothie lovers among you may relish the process of chopping up your fruit every morning. But that time could be better spent in bed, for the sake of just a few minutes at the weekend preparing some homemade frozen smoothie packs that’ll see you through the rest of the week.

Simply place your prepared fruit and veg in zip-loc bags in the freezer, where you can take out a portion each day to add to your smoothie. Any grains, superfood powders and of course liquid will need to be added later, but this little trick is guaranteed to save you time and deliver a gorgeously frosty smoothie.

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