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Posted on 01 / 11 / 2018 by Sleep Lover

In 2017, a Vegan Society survey found that more than one in ten of us in the UK have tried a vegan diet. Numbers are rising fast and there’s now more interest than ever: in August, Waterstones stocked 994 different books with the word ‘vegan’ in their titles! There’s no doubt that veganism – or eating a plant-based diet, free from animal products – is the biggest food trend for 2018.

Much of the thought behind taking a vegan approach is about reducing our impact on the planet: thinking more about production, consumption and waste reduction. It’s a way of life, rather than a diet – you can apply vegan principles to just about every aspect of your waking – and sleeping – life.

Reducing our impact means buying wisely and buying once. If it’s time to replace your duvet or pillows, choose well and you’ll reap the benefits for years to come.

You may think it’s only down and feather which can provide that all-important luxury feel, but you can recreate it very easily – without the price tag – by opting for a synthetic filing that doesn’t cost the earth.

We are very proud of Smartdown®, our own, vegan-friendly alternative to goose down. We challenge every step of our manufacturing and supply chain process to make it as sustainable as it can be. Smartdown® is our best innovation yet.

Produced in an ECO-accredited factory, Smartdown® is made entirely from recycled plastic PET bottles. Our pioneering fibre-blowing technique means the bottles are transformed into down-like clusters which trap warm air and mould to the shape of your body. That means comfort, insulation and warmth similar to that provided by goose down and feathers.

Unlike goose down, however, Smartdown® is machine washable, returning to its super-plumptious volume, time after time. It’s encased in 100% cotton and hypo-allergenic too!

Living a vegan life may involve some going without at times. Sleeping vegan? No compromise on luxury, comfort or quality whatsoever!

Sweet dreams!

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