Dirty duvets and no idea… That’s what we think about what we’re sleeping with

Posted on 14 / 11 / 2013 by Sleep Lover

Eight out of 10 people (79%) have admitted they can’t remember the last time they washed their duvet, even though they sleep under it every night and most have owned it for more than five years.

That’s what our survey told us when we asked people to confess their duvet habits!

But perhaps more shockingly two-thirds of us admitted to throwing away a duvet rather than washing it!

We also found out just how little people know about what they’re sleeping with:

  • Men proved to be more in the dark than women about what was in their duvet, with 79% admitting they didn’t know whether it was a natural or synthetic duvet or the tog rating.
  • Most of us (84%) can’t remember how old our duvet is
  • Of these, a quarter of people hazarded a guess that they had owned it for around 10 years (the most popular response was five years and the rest under five)

Very few people think they are with ‘The One’ in terms of their bedding. Half of respondents said they were either not happy with their bedding, were making do or thought there was a better product out there for them.

This is what Emma Heald from The Fine Bedding Company said: ‘With sleep being a huge part of our lives it’s surprising that we don’t take more notice of the duvet we sleep under.

“We sleep under it every night yet don’t know how clean or old it is. All of our innovative synthetic products have been designed to be washed whilst retaining their luxurious quality (so no more excuses!) and natural filled duvets can be cleaned at a Dry Cleaners.”

“It’s such a shame that only 48% said they loved their sleep experience every night and only 30% claimed they felt it had a positive effect on their life.  Our aim is to change this through our range of innovative products and sleep solutions to help the nation start loving their sleep. ”

Why not take our fun online quiz www.facebook.com/thefinebeddingcompany to find out if you’re with The One.


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