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Where do Fine Bedding Company source their materials?

We ensure that all our suppliers have agreed and signed a contract for the compliance of corporate ethics including working conditions, the environment and the treatment of birds and animals.

Fundamental to this is our insistence that the filling materials for our natural duvets and pillows have been collected using no live plucking; we have been members of the European down and feather association for many years and they are committed to the use of feather and down from dead birds only as a by-product of the food chain.

Our raw materials for our synthetic products are sourced from around the world to ensure the highest quality and best price, and brought together to create the finished product in our purpose built factory.

Should you require any further help or information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How do I dry my synthetic duvet?

Generally speaking, we recommend any synthetic duvet that has been washed to be tumble dried on a low heat thoroughly to ensure the filling is completely dry.

How do I wash my spundown products?

Our Spundown range – duvet, pillow and mattress enhancer –  can all be washed at home in a standard 7kg domestic washing machine at 60C.

Please note that we recommend that all synthetic duvets and pillows should be dried in a tumble dryer on a low setting, to ensure that they are thoroughly dry – make sure there is enough space in your tumble drier. We would recommend that you dry the duvets/pillows separately and only put one duvet/pillow in your tumble drier at any one time.

Shake out the duvet or pillow during the drying process and ensure they are completely dry at the end. Always double check as the duvet/pillow may feel dry to the touch but, the filling inside can hold on to moisture. Using dryer balls (or a clean tennis ball) helps to ensure the filling is effectively separated and dried equally. Store in a dry environment.

What is the difference between Spundown, Breathe and Boutique Silk duvets?

Our highly advanced Smartfil® synthetic duvet range has been developed to deliver unique benefits; achieving the same benefits as down with added qualities designed for modern life.  Our synthetic duvets are wonderfully light, yet very thermally efficient.

Our Spundown duvet loves to be washed. The Smartfil®Air fibres in our Spundown duvets are highly compressible, meaning the duvet can be washed at home (7kg washing makcine), at 60C, the temperature that kills dustmites.

Our Breathe duvet is highly breathable and exceptionally light, as the 80% Smartfil®Air filling is blended with 20% modal, a fibre derived from natural wood pulp which helps to wick moisture away from the body, helping to create the optimum sleeping temperature. The breathe duvet features a soft touch microfibre cover with a beautiful textured design.

Alternatively, our Boutique Silk Duvet has a 100% Cotton jacquard cover, making the feel of this duvet more like a traditional natural duvet, the cotton cover being similar to those used on feather products, giving the duvet a crisp, fresh finish, with an elegant jacquard design. The filling contains 90% Smartfil®Air Microfibre and 10% Pure Silk.

Find out more about Boutique Silk.

How do I clean my Clusterfull Topper?

The clusterfull mattress topper is not washable and must be ‘spot cleaned only’, these instructions can be found on the care label sewn into the topper. We recommend the use of a protector when using a non-washable product, such as the clusterfull topper. A protector can be washed and will protect the topper from stains and spillages.

What is a tog?

A duvet’s tog rating indicates the amount of warmth it provides; the higher the tog, the warmer the duvet.

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