No more pillow turning – get the cool side every time!

Posted on 22 / 07 / 2015 by Sleep Lover

In a survey of the nation’s sleep habits, nearly a third (30%) of people claimed that variations in body temperature is their number one reason for a disturbed or uncomfortable night.

If you like nothing better than the cold side of the pillow, or just can’t seem to stay at a comfortable temperature there’s now your perfect sleep partner. Our NEW, unique Cool Touch® Pillow, created using ProCool® intelligent cooling fibres, is the next level of innovation in sleep technology.

Cool Touch Pillow

The pillow works by using thermodynamics; excess heat is absorbed into a ‘core’, and is only allowed to be slowly released again once body temperature is at an optimum level. Clever stuff eh?

What’s more you get a beautifully supportive, soft to touch pillow that you can even put in the washing machine.

You could say it’s climate control for sleep! If you’d like to try one click here!

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