Christmas is Coming

Posted on 05 / 11 / 2013 by Sleep Lover

And that means it’s time to organise the guest bedroom and the pillows and duvets on the spare bed!

If you’re like 74 per cent of Brits who say their guest rooms get used (by guests) less than seven times a year and that Christmas is the time when they use it the most, it might be time to take the guest (room) test.

We carried out a poll to get to find out just how much help our customers need when sorting out their guest rooms…and we found that:

89% of people’s guest room duvet and pillows were previously used in the master bedroom and relegated to the spare room

77% said they weren’t really sure how old their guest room duvets were but would guess more than 10 years old*


Simple Steps:

1. TEST DRIVE YOUR GUEST ROOM – make sure the mattress is in perfect working order.  If you can’t afford a new one try a mattress topper that adds an extra layer of cushioning.  Also make sure you have a duvet to suit all weather.  A great idea is a synthetic washable duvet which can adapt to the individual’s body temperature or an anti allergy.   Finally make sure the windows can open easily and the radiator works!

2. DECLUTTER: Often spare rooms are magnets for clutter – with items shoved under beds, crammed into drawers or simply just left in piles to be sorted some other time. If it’s time for a seasonal sort out, be ruthless!

3. STYLE: A well-dressed bed can turn a spare room into a welcoming retreat and show you’ve made an effort for your guests. Think cuddly textures, cushions, mirrors and cashmere throws. Colour is a great way to update your room’s style this season.     And make sure that light doesn’t stream into the room at the crack of dawn!


FINALLY LISTEN Are there any sounds that can be avoided, like a loud clock ticking or creaky floorboards. Simple fixes like this will enhance your house guest’s overall experience.


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