Christmas Is Coming Get Guest Room Ready

Get Your Guest Room Ready For Christmas

Posted on 12 / 11 / 2014 by Sleep Lover

Christmas Is Coming Get Guest Room ReadyForget the Christmas present list, first thing’s first, take the guest room challenge! If you’re like 74% of Brits* who say their guest rooms get used less than seven times a year and that Christmas is the time when they use it the most, it might be time for you to take the guest room test.

Be honest, when did you cast “guest eyes” over your guest room? That includes checking out whether you’d really want to sleep under your current spare room’s duvet and on pillows that are likely to be more than 10 years old and second-hand, formerly the bed linen fillings from the master bedroom.

Our latest poll explores guest room trends revealing some facts that might leave you wanting to stay at home this Christmas:

  • 89% of people’s guest room duvet and pillows were previously used in the master bedroom and relegated to the spare room
  • 60% of hosts confess they haven’t experienced a night in their own guest room in the past 12 months
  • Only 39% said their room is fit for seasonal visitors
  • 77% said they weren’t really sure how old their guest room duvets were but would guess more than 10 years old

Be a great host this Christmas and get your guest room ready for ChristmasThe first step is to test drive your guest room, spend the night in your guest accommodation and then have a think about the following:


A comfortable bed is a vital ingredient. Pay particular attention to the mattress for any springs and lumps and bumps. If you do find it’s uncomfortable, don’t worry – there is an alternative to buying a brand new mattress in the form of a mattress topper that adds an extra layer of cushioning on top of the mattress.

Blowing hot and cold:

Ensure guests can alter the room’s temperature – check windows still open, test radiators work and can be turned on and off (and that they don’t need bleeding) and provide a couple of additional blankets for those who like to be really toasty in bed.


A good indicator of whether your duvet needs dumping is its smell! If it’s been locked away in an unused room that’s rarely aired it might smell quite stale and old. If it is time to freshen up in the duvet department look at products like our Spundown range that are fantastic value for money with that added bit of luxury you want for your guests.


If it’s time for a seasonal sort out, be ruthless – do you really need to hoard all of the items? Investing in some cheap but effective storage will make it easy to organise possessions and help to keep items and rooms better aired.

Tripping the Light Fantastic: Does the light stream into the room at the crack of dawn, if so a simple black out roller blind can fix this with minimal fuss.

Be a guest in your own spare room for the night, be honest with yourself about the experience and what would improve it. Then before your guests arrive make sure you read our top tips on guest room etiquette.

* The poll was carried out by The Fine Bedding Company

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