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Build A Duvet Den And Win A Family Break At Carden Park Hotel

Posted on 07 / 07 / 2014 by Sleep Lover

The school summer holidays have already started for some and in just a few more weeks “school’s out” will be the cry across the whole of the UK. Family time is the best of times but it is also a costly time with the cost of keeping 2.4 children entertained over the six-week school summer holiday being estimated to be £2,500*.

Three quarters of parents said they struggle financially during the school holidays and 80% said they struggle with ideas for how to keep their children busy however our just launched photo competition is a great activity for the whole family that costs nothing and will keep children and adults alike entertained – we challenge you to build a duvet den!

Duvet Den CompetitionNow with our latest photo competition there’s even more incentive to get building – we have a fantastic prize worth over £500 for the best duvet den entered into Facebook photo competition.  The winner will receive an overnight family activity break at the beautiful Carden Park Hotel, Golf Resort and Spa in Cheshire including on site activities with Muddy Good Fun as well as £250 family bedding bundle from The Fine Bedding Company.

Building a duvet den is more than a free way to entertain children or survive a rainy school holiday day “building dens is the perfect way of not only having fun, it’s also an excellent bonding and communication exercise between parent and child” explains life coach for children Naomi Richards, author of “The Parent’s Toolkit”.

For many making a duvet den will be a trip down memory lane as it’s something many remember doing in their own childhood. If it is your first attempt at a duvet den we’ve put together our step-by-step guide for you and we’d love to hear your tips too so do share them by leaving a comment here or on our Facebook page.

So, what are you waiting for?  Go! Go! Go! Make a duvet den, take a photo and enter our Facebook photo competition.

We can’t wait to see your duvet dens!


*Summer Holiday Breakdown
Petrol – £510, Attractions – £441, Eating out – £312, Lessons (swimming, dancing and tennis) – £278, Holiday clubs – £212, Clothes Shopping – £198, Treats (sweets, ice-creams) – £170, Toys – £163, Public Transport – £157, Play dates – £107. Total = £2,548

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