Brilliant New Bedding For Kids

Posted on 26 / 05 / 2016 by Sleep Lover

Calling all frazzled Mums, are you tearing your hair out trying to get your tots to sleep? Well we might just have the answer as we have extended our expertise to children’s bedding which is now available to buy online.

The new Junior range includes a number of top quality bedroom essentials to cosset your little treasures, including the light as air Washable Duvet, and Washable Pillow, made from microfibre and encased in sumptuously soft peachskin.

At the forefront of innovation, all our luxurious synthetic duvets have the same thermal efficiency as natural down, but the advanced fine fibres create a wonderfully lightweight texture, that’s still super snuggly.  The technology also allows more air to flow through the duvet, making it highly breathable, soft and comforting. Rather like floating on a cloud.

The Junior range gets the seal of approval from sleep expert Evelyn Burdon, the Cheshire Baby Whisperer, a former midwife who has been advising stressed out parents for 30 years. She has developed a multi sensory approach to children’s sleeping problems and firmly believes that a child’s bedroom and the right bedding is crucial for guaranteeing a peaceful night for your little one (and you!).

She says: “Never underestimate the effect of your child’s sleeping environment on their sleep potential; the nursery can affect sleep in a negative or positive way. This room needs to have a relaxing ambience that’s conducive to sleep.  Blackout blinds help to produce the sleep hormone melatonin, while calming music such as sounds from nature or classical tunes will help calm your tot at bedtime.”

Evelyn also advises swapping sleeping bags for duvets as soon as your baby can walk. “Sleeping bags are too restricting and can mean babies are in danger of falling over and hurting themselves.  Now is the perfect time to introduce a pillow and duvet. The duvet needs to be warm but lightweight, as babies hate the restriction of heavy bedclothes and will kick them off during the night.

“Babies and toddlers love a soft pillow and will burrow their face into it while settling themselves off to sleep. Therefore the pillow should be made with fibres that are breathable, washable and retain their shape.”

Older siblings can also be thoroughly spoilt at night time as these gorgeously squishable duvets and pillows come in cot, cotbed and single bed sizes.

Busy mums will love the fact that the Junior Washable Duvet and Washable Pillow can simply be popped in the washing machine when required, ensuring beds stay fresh and hygienic night after night.

FBC Junior washable duvet copy

Other items in the range include:

  • Anti Allergy Mattress Protector for babies and toddlers with sensitive skin, the hypo-allergenic material features a dust mite barrier to protect against allergic reactions. As well as being totally waterproof, it has a silky soft 100% cotton cover. Available in cot and cotbed sizes.
  •  Travel Cot Liner with a thick non slip under cover to keep it in place while you’re out and about
  •  Protector Pad with peach soft cover to help guard against night time accidents
  •  A range of gorgeously tactile wool products to keep children toasty in winter and cool in summer

Suitable for children over 12 months, the new Junior range is now available to buy online and through retail stockists from June.


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