Breaking Bed – Are boxsets stealing your sleep?

Posted on 11 / 03 / 2015 by Sleep Lover

To celebrate National Bed Month in March we carried out a survey to find out what you like to do in bed apart from sleeping*, and the clear top answer was streaming boxsets or TV programmes over the internet (34%).

Checking social media feeds was still a high second at 31%, followed by writing emails/working 17%, online shopping 11% and reading at just 4%.

Guilty pleasures such as eating biscuits, having a cuppa away from the rest of the family and playing addictive games like Candy Crush also sneaked into the poll’s top answers.

Asian couple looking at laptopThe results  also revealed that the average amount of time spent in bed before actually going to sleep was 52 minutes – almost the same time as one episode of Breaking Bad.

It seems we are becoming a nation of binge-watchers, unable to wait another week for the next episode. Some respondents admitted that it was all too easy to press play again and miss out on beauty sleep.

And although 56% of us claim to be unsatisfied with the amount of sleep we have every night, but can’t seem to tear ourselves away from our favourite shows.

There are a few things you could try to improve your sleep quality and bring a bit of balance back.

Instead of switching on a screen; try some gentle yoga stretches, listening to soothing music or even meditating. There are lots of apps available designed to enhance sleep and can easily be listened to in bed, putting that mobile phone to good use

* clean answers only

What is your favourite ‘lights on’ bedtime activity? Does anyone still read a book? We’d love to know what you think!

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