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  • Why Are Temperature Control Duvets Used As Hotel Bedding?

    Ever wondered what it is that makes you feel so comfortable when you sleep in a hotel bed? It always seems to be the right level of firmness and the bedding feels supremely soft, keeping you snug and at the perfect temperature for a restful night of sleep. Well, guess what? They do have a secret. And the great news is that you...
  • Night Sweats? Try Our Smart Temperature Mattress Topper

    Picture the scene. It’s the middle of the night when rather abruptly, you wake up. Instinctively, your fingers reach up to brush a strand of hair from your face just as a wave of intense heat rises up and overcomes your body. You sit bolt upright, now realising that your hair’s stuck to your face and the pyjamas are soaked through. Welcome to...