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Home Decor 2021: Why You Need a Coverless Duvet

Posted on by Sleep Expert

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As we’ve finally left 2020 behind us and made our way into 2021, it’s time to talk about this year’s home decor. As much as we all love a safe haven that doesn’t change too much, we tend to get bored with our own clothes or home decorations quite quickly. Changing your entire wardrobe or interior every season might be a bit too much, but you can make some small changes that will make your place feel like new. Today, we’re talking about why you need a coverless duvet in your home. After all, it’s all about making it as easy and comfortable as possible. There’s no need to spend hours on laundry day washing your bedsheets and making the bed. Save yourself the trouble!

What is a coverless duvet?

A coverless duvet is literally a duvet that doesn’t need a cover. That means you wouldn’t need to put any bed sheets on your duvet. You have to admit, that sounds like a dream. How much time have we all spent on laundry day, trying to change the sheets by ourselves? It gets easier over time, but will it ever be our favourite chore to do? Definitely not. What if you could save the time you normally spend on changing sheets, by using a coverless duvet? The Night Owl coverless duvet is the perfect solution to save time and money for that matter. As there is no cover needed, you will save money on all the different sheets you would normally buy. Are you not convinced yet? We’ve listed all the advantages of a coverless duvet for you in this blog. 

No stress changing the bed covers

Imagine coming home after a long day of work and still having to put your bed covers on. That’s the worst feeling. Even though the process of changing bed covers might not take hours, it is still something we’d gladly skip. Every other week, we stand in our bedroom with our bed covers over our head, trying to get it to fit the duvet properly. And after a few nights, the entire cover has shifted and is not in the right place anymore. Argh, the frustration. With a coverless duvet, this problem will be solved immediately. This is exactly the reason why you need a coverless duvet in your life. It just makes your life a bit more simple. Especially after last year, that’s all we need in 2021.

Home washable and quick drying

Another great thing about the coverless duvet is that it’s very easy to wash and dry. You might wonder how you maintain hygiene when there are no bed covers you can wash. Surprisingly, it’s even more hygienic than normal as you wash the entire duvet. The Night Owl coverless duvet is washable at home and because of its highly compressible fibres, it fits perfectly into the washing machine. There’s no special care needed. You won’t have to worry about the duvet losing its shape when washing it, as the filling is made of advanced durable fibre that holds its shape and bounces back. After washing your coverless duvet, it only takes 90 minutes to dry. In only a few hours, you have your fresh duvet back on your bed. Without it taking any effort.

Use the coverless duvet as a blanket anywhere

As the duvet is lightweight and easy to move around, you can easily use it as a blanket as well. If you’re having a cosy night on the couch, enjoying your favourite series on Netflix, you can use the Night Owl duvet as a blanket to keep warm. When it’s bedtime, you take the duvet with you upstairs and you enjoy the warmth of the duvet during your sleep. The coverless duvet is also very easy to take along with you on holidays. Trust us, you’re going to leave your sleeping bag at home from now on. The Night Owl duvet is highly compressible so it takes up little space, which makes it perfect for camping trips.

Takes up less storage space

When the days are starting to get warmer and summer’s slowly approaching, you’ll most likely take the winter duvet off and exchange it for the summer duvet. Storing the winter duvet can take up a lot of space normally. Because the Night Owl coverless duvet is lightweight and very small in size, it’s easy to store. The Night Owl duvet is available in summer togs as well, which are even easier to store during winter, because of their small size.

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All in all, we are big fans of the coverless duvet. It is extremely comfortable, easy to change and clean, and you can move it around and store it very easily. What are you still waiting for?