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Autumn Cleaning – A Fresh Start

Posted on 10 / 09 / 2018 by Sleep Lover

Even though we’re two-thirds of the way through the year (already!), September is a time for new beginnings. There are clear signs – like a new academic year – or perhaps it’s more subtle than that: the feel of a turning tide or changing season.

It’s more obvious in the spring, as green shoots burst into life and the longer light daylight hours impel us to start spring cleaning.  Our view? We love a good spring clean, but we believe that a really good deep clean in the autumn is much more productive, more effective and better for your mental health. Think of it as cleaning the nest before hibernation.

Winter-proofing your home may be better for your physical health too! Banishing the bugs and bacteria that can thrive in your central-heated home can help the whole family stay fighting fit all winter long.

This is a great time to have your carpets and curtains professionally cleaned – you’ll beat the rush and enjoy an extra season of freshness. Like it or not, the festive season is hurtling towards us, so the more you can do now, the less frazzled you’ll feel when family descends in December.

As you put away the summer dresses, shorts and tee shirts for another year, take the time to hoover and mop those tucked-away spots and dusty corners where moths, spiders and other unwelcome house guests can take refuge from the cold outside. And while you’re there, be a little brutal! Things you don’t wear, things that don’t fit and those ‘what-was-I-thinking?’ purchases can be donated or sold if they’re in good condition, or recycled if not.

Extra space is your friend, as clutter can almost literally weigh us down, affecting both mental and physical health (it makes finding the important things much easier too).

Your bedding as well needs a seasonal sort-through every bit as much as your wardrobe – take this opportunity to replace ageing or lumpy pillows and duvets.  If they’ve seen better days, replace them with with our Spundown synthetic range and know that they’ll bob in the washing machine at home, time after time after time – and be back on the bed the same day.  A 60 degree wash is enough to banish even the most determined bugs and bacteria – keeping a clean and healthy environment doesn’t come much simpler than that!

Remember, folks – no procrastination tastes as good as clean-and-tidy feels!


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