Mattress toppers and enhancers are thicker than mattress protectors and lie directly on top of your mattress. They add a luxurious extra layer for increased comfort and the ultimate protection for your mattress.

What are the benefits of using mattress toppers and enhancers?

• Can be used on both old/worn and new mattresses
• Greatly extends the life of new mattresses
• Provides a solution to uncomfortable, lumpy or worn mattresses by adding an extra layer for noticeably improved comfort
• Heightens your level of support
• Reap the benefits of a better night’s sleep!
• Mattress & Pillow Protectors

What are the benefits of using mattress and pillow protectors?

• Protectors greatly extend the life of your mattress & pillows by adding a protective layer
• Are easily removable and washable at home
• Protects against: spillages, dustmites, stains, and general wear and tear
• Offers a hygienic bedding solution
• Adds an extra layer of softness

We recommend . . . . .

• Using a mattress protector over a topper, for the ultimate supportive, soft and protective bedding solution that is easy to care for
• When using a latex or memory foam pillow, mattress or mattress topper, we recommend using a highly breathable protector, such as our Deep Fill Cotton range. This is because as comfortable as they

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