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A third of married women still not found Mr right

Posted on 29 / 11 / 2013 by Sleep Lover

But seven out of 10 men say they are with the one

Almost a third of British women admit they still haven’t found Mr Right even though they are married, our poll has revealed.

An astonishing 31% of women in long-term relationships say they know they are not with The One but admit they remain with their husband because they do love them, according to the UK survey by The Fine Bedding Company.

Men are far more certain that they have found, and married, the right woman for them. Almost seven out of 10 (69%) of British husbands proudly state that their wife is, indeed, The One.

Of those married women who admit they are still no closer to meeting Mr Right the majority (54%) say they know it because they are still attracted to other men. Fortunately for their husbands, 83% of those women also insist they would remain faithful to their husband even if Mr Right did appear.

Married men who say they are yet to meet The One say very much the same. They say their attraction to other women proves they still haven’t found their perfect partner.

Of those wives who insist they have married Mr Right, the most common indicator (33%) among those surveyed is that they still ‘fancy’ their husband despite being in a long-term relationship with the ‘honeymoon period’ well and truly over.

The second most common reason given is that their husband is also their ‘best friend’ (21%) and the third is that their husband still makes them laugh (12%) with the fourth being that they both agree on all important family decisions (9%).

The fifth most common reason given by married women for knowing they are with The One is that they admire and are proud of their husband’s achievements (7%).

Men were similar. Of those who know they are with The One 39% admit it is because they still fancy their wife. A further 22% said their wife is also their best friend, 11% say their wife still makes them laugh and 12% say their wife’s achievements makes them proud.

Interestingly, of the 2,000 married men and women polled by The Fine Bedding Company, only 10% say they don’t think there is such a thing as The One when it comes to love.

Emma Heald from The Fine Bedding Company said: “The overwhelming majority of Brits believe that The One is out there somewhere and it is just a matter of finding them.

“Many admit that, though they are married, they have still not have found their perfect love. But, they also are quite certain that they do love their partner and that, even if Mr or Mrs Right were now to come along, they would remain faithful to their spouse.

“We were shocked by just how many people still believe they haven’t found their perfect love.”

Top 5 reasons you know you’ve married ‘the one’

  • You still fancy your partners despite being with them for years
  • Your spouse is also your best friend
  • Your spouse still makes you laugh
  • You both agree on important family decisions
  • You admire and are proud of your spouse’s achievements

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